Nowadays, men have become more satisfied about what they use for shaving. They usually spend hundreds on a worthy straight razor and then coat their faces with whatever they find in the market for shaving. Most of the men think that anything that can make a foam or lather is right for shaving and usually they pay for it in the form of countless cuts because they do not have the knowledge about the appropriate tools used for removing hairs. If you want to try something unique and different and are fed up of using all the shaving cream, then give shaving soap a try. As compare to other shaving creams, shaving soap will give you a totally different shaving experience. Use of shaving soap was started in 14th century and was tremendously famous till World War-1, as during this period shaving creams were also extensively available in the market.

Even today, most of men use shaving soap in order to get the traditional aspect of the wet shaving experience. Getting an easy wet shaving with a razor or safety depends on your choices, these choices can be related to your blades or it can be related to your selection of best shaving soap. Finding a good razor and blade is also very important. The selection of best shaving soap can make a massive difference, by providing you different experiences, as what kind of shave you get and how much you enjoy this routine activity.  Now shaving soaps are extremely popular. It seems that the shaving world has now hidden in soaps. It is easy to tell which shaving soap is good and which ones need improvement. There is a minor difference between shaving soaps and normal bath soaps. In shaving soaps sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide are used as saponification agents but in bath soaps only sodium hydroxide is used. One of the most popular ingredient used in best shaving soap is Tallow. Still it is used in some of the products.

One the most oldest and world renowned recipe of soap, contains ash and oil and it comes from Sumerians. As more than 5,000 years have passed but the main principle and method of saponification has mostly remained the same. Different oils such as palm oil, olive oil and coconut oil are also used in shaving soaps. Both oils and fats are boiled with alkalis to make a soap base. Best shave soap contains glycerin and a high level of fat. Derived from the vegetable oil, glycerin is much important in shaving soaps because it serves as a humectant, which locks and helps to hydrates the skin. It acts as an effective soothing cream because it makes the bread softer and leaves the skin more nourished and smooth.

Question is to how to use shaving soap in order to provide the lubrication and safety to skin during the shaving process? Basically fat content is also very important because it help the blades slides over the skin without irritation and itching. While purchasing a shaving soap, always look for a shaving soap which has high fat content (up to 30 to 50%). You also need to be careful with inexpensive and cheap products available on the market. These cheap products do not provide any safety during the shaving and make your skin more dry and rough before you even start to shave. As compare to these shaving creams, shaving soap gives you more healthy experience by making your skin smoother after the shave.

The Best Shaving Soap on the Market:

  1. Himalaya Soothing Shave Soap:

This shaving soap is made from Shea butter and soybean. The Shea Butter is used in many skin products because it has various helpful skin care advantages, like it nourishes your skin and keep your skin hydrated, while the soybean will give comfort to your skin.

This soap has various features such as  it offers the old time tradition of brush and mug, nontoxic, anti-allergic , makes creamy foam, soften beard for smooth shave , nourish the skin after shaving soap

It is an American made best shaving soap with multiple benefits. As mentioned earlier, it makes your shaving experience more amazing by creating rich foam. It also lubricate razor for a comfortable and soft shave. As compare to other shaving cream, Himalaya shaving soap make a long term lather. Shea butter also make skin smooth and moisturized.  This shaving soap is also larger in size and it will last about 3 to 6 months. Its fresh aroma, not artificial will give you a fresh feeling. This having soap is a benchmark. It contains all natural ingredients, having no artificial odor.

  1. Col. Conk Shave Soap:

One the most famous shaving soap, Col .Conk shaving soap is the only soap manufactured in United States. Col. Conk shaving soap offers you the best shaving experience because of its features. Col. Conk shaving soap will make a rich long lasting lather to make your shaving experience more exciting and shaving soap


With just a little amount of this shaving soap, you will have a smooth, rich and creamy lather. It comes in four different fragrances.  It is good to use it with a shaving brush.

  1. Men’s Soap Company Shaving Soap

In order to get a soft and smooth shave without itching and irritation, you should use Men’s soap company shaving soap. This best shaving soap is made to create a rich lather and to provide you an amazing soft skin without irritating your skin. This soap is suitable is for all skin types such as oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin etc.

Men’s soap company is the most popular and best among all of the others shaving soaps, due to its high quality. It contains all the natural ingredients, that’s why it will not harm your shaving soap

Men’s soap company is free of toxin, free of preservatives, free of artificial fragrances and dyes.

  1. Proraso Shaving Soap:

Shaving list would be incomplete without the description of Proraso Shaving soap. Proraso Shaving soap was originated in Italy. Since 1926, Proraso shaving soap has been providing a smooth and irritation free shaving shaving soap


Proraso shaving soap will give you a rich creamy lather in order to prepare your skin for a close shave without the cuts and bruises. This classic Eucalyptus and menthol soap is considered as one the most suggested shaving soap in the market. Eucalyptus and menthol, both have their own benefits. Eucalyptus acts as a cleanser and toner whereas menthol will give a cooling and refreshing feeling during shaving.


How to Use Shaving soap- Some tips:

How to use shaving soap on any part of your body. Here the main question is, how well you can do the shaving on different parts of your body. You can apply shaving soap to non-sensitive parts of your body like legs, chest and arms without any fear. But when it comes to your face you have to be very conscious with the eyes, because if it enter into your eyes it can cause a lot of irritation and can create multiple complications.

Some basic tips to prevent itching after usage of shaving soap on your body are as follows:

  • After a shave with a shaving soap, wash your face and dry it. Rubbing with towel can make your skin more sensitive. Simply pat, your skin until your shaved area is dry.
  • Heat can also cause skin irritation, so always wait for few minutes before going out in front of sunlight.
  • Always use nonalcoholic aftershave, it prevents irritations and itching.
  • Always try to wash your face with cold water. According to some people you should wash your face with warm water after shaving. But it is completely wrong, warm water leaves the pores of skin remains open and all you need for your skin is to close the pores firstly. So it is important to use cold water as it will help your skin to get free from all the pressures and also closes the skin pores.