Peace and quiet.

Do they really go hand in hand? 

I love the idea of peace and quiet but I rarely have the quiet with peace.

The to-do lists, the wish lists, the wish-I-had-time-to-do lists.  <— Tweet this

For me it’s easier to avoid the quiet.  To stay busy so the thoughts don’t come knocking.  The short term thoughts like what to make for dinner.  The long term thoughts on how to get the kids through college. 

I’m working on embracing the quiet but in all honestly I’ve not yet figured that part out.  You see, deep down in the heart of the quiet is where my deepest fears lie.  The fear of inadequacy.   The fear of the past.   The fear of the future.

I refuse to live in fear, therefore I rarely brave the quiet.  I drown out the quiet with the radio mostly.  Often, even the sound of the keys on my computer are enough to keep the quiet away. 

One of these days I’ll brave it, embrace it, live it. and love it. 


Linking up with Lisa Jo for 5 Minute Friday!!

A little late publishing it but I did finish it on Friday just before midnight.  Forgive me?

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5 comments on “Quiet {5 Minute Friday}

  1. Kelly

    I can sooo relate. I find that I just keep moving to keep the quiet away…it’s exhausting sometimes, though. Thank you for your honest. Visiting from 5 minute Fridays..

  2. Susan Wachtel

    Dear one,

    Beautifully written. I can relate to what you said. May we meet our fears that rise up in the quiet with the truth from God’s Word, wielding the Sword of the Spirit.

    I pray that the Lord supernaturally strengthens you and that you are continually aware of His presence.

    In Christ…Susan

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