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Skinny Spices by Erica Levy Klein {book review}

Have you ever picked up a new book and it actually wasn’t really at all what you expected?

I had that happen with this one.  I was intrigued by this book because I’m in the middle of trying to revamp our eating habits.  Not just for me but for our entire family.

Enter the ‘SKINNY SPICES: 50 Nifty Homemade Spice Blends That Can Turn Blah Healthy Eating Into Flavor-Rich Delicious Dining‘ eBook. 

I thought this book about spices would be just about spices.   The most pleasant surprise was that it’s chock full of actual recipes to make with the spices!

Exactly what I needed.  I love to cook but I’m a better baker so coming up with new recipes isn’t my forte. 


Erica shares a little of her story and why he started working with different spices.  It’s very interesting and very honest.  It’s something I think many of us have battled at one time or another.  The battle of trying to eat healthy. 

I don’t claim to be a dietician.  I definitely don’t eat the most healthy 100% of the time.  I’ve been working on changing the eating habits of our entire family.  This is such a challenge!! 

I’m excited because I’ve been using many of Erica’s spice mixes for one of my least favorite foods.  Can you guess what it is? 

It’s chicken.  I am not a chicken fan.  I barely like chicken nuggets.  I also can’t eat chicken plain by any means. I don’t see how people do it.  Yuck. 

I have, however, been trying to force myself to eat it because it is healthier than other meats.  It is much, much better with some of these spices.  What’s better is she includes an entire library of recipes broken down by spice. 

Do you just love sage, ginger, or cardamon?  Pick and choose your recipe based on the spice you enjoy. 

If none of this convinced you that you need this book, the nutritional value alone should.  I love cutting out recipes out of magazines.  Most of the time there is no nutritional information.  It’s hard to pull out a recipe and try to still count calories when you have no idea. 

Each of these recipes comes with a list of nutritional data and exchanges. 

You can’t go wrong if you are in to trying new recipes and are also watching your calorie intake. 

You can purchase using either of the links below.

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Still not convinced?  Well,  enter to win a copy below.  Erica has graciously agreed to giveaway a copy to one winner!! 

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