Am I extraordinary? Am I a woman of character? Am I a priceless jewel to my husband?

Midway through the second week of the learning about the Proverbs 31 woman and this woman is so far up on a pedestal I may never reach but I’m creeping up on her.  I’m on rung two of this journey and learning that this woman is astounding!  Will I ever be so noble, so rare?   Many of us already ‘know’ about the Proverbs 31 woman. By that I mean we’ve probably heard of her but have we studied intently about her to promote change within?  To be completely transparent, I honestly have not.

I am loving every minute this study. I’m struggling less and less to find the time during my already busy day to make this happen.  I’m making the time! It’s true that when you truly have the desire you find the time.  The deeper we delve into learning about her the more I want to know, the more more questions I have.  Creating a hunger for the Word with a group of Godly women is something I have craved for a while now.

Are you craving too? Are you looking to work on yourself, change your life? Are you looking to become a better wife, daughter, sister, mom, friend?

It is not too late to get started. It’s a 3-month journey up this ladder and we’re only at rung number two.

If you are reading this and feeling a nudge or feeling a little sick to your stomach after reading this it’s not heartburn from breakfast. It’s God saying He’s ready for you!!

It’s not too late to join us!! You can do so at my friend Kayse’s blog Finding-Hope.  You will be welcomed with open arms!

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