So I’m back for another installment of Thankless Thursday.

I’ll be completely honest here. We’re all friends right?  I actually took last Thursday off from any and all chores.  I needed a break.  I don’t mean a short 15 minute relaxation period during naps.  I mean a full-on day off from it all.

I ignored the laundry, the dishes, the toys on the floor and anything else.

How did I spend my Thursday?  I enjoyed playing with the munchkins!!  It was awesome.

One thing however I shouldn’t have ignored was the pool.  I can’t believe I’m including a photo.  We just had it opened & it’s SO disgusting.  The cover ripped during the winter and as a result…..

Yep this qualifies as a thankless job.  It’s utterly grotesque! We had an unseasonably warm winter which caused all of this. It smelled like a lake and looked worse than one.  I’m happy to report that the pool water is clear and beautiful now thanks to all the chemicals and vacuuming.

Don’t get me wrong. I am bursting with thankfulness that we have this pool but it is a job that we forget about until the beginning of summer appears each year.  I can grumble for a day right?!?

Please tell me how bad your Thankless Thursday was today!   Anyone’s worse than this?

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