Anyone else out there have their own language? I don’t mean you learned a language but that you created your own that probably only you understand! I constantly blurt out new words that make sense to me and okay, probably only me. Actually my kids encourage my silliness with words which probably spurns me on. They think it’s so funny, crack up laughing  then proceed to tell me that it doesn’t make any sense.

I didn’t think much about it until I was choosing a new activity to try from my boards on Pinterest and realized that I may have had a little too much fun with them.  My Pinterest boards have pretty funny titles. I understand them all but I imagine an outsider may not!

Some of these boards are called funsational, holidacious, fantabulous, kitchenesque, and quotatious. This all makes perfect sense to me. Since they are my personal pin boards I guess that’s okay.

It only made sense for me to come up with a funsational title for this blog and so Exceptionalistic was born. Short, sweet and to the point which is pretty much how I live.  I try to live an exceptionally simplistic life.

If you make up words too please comment and let me know that I am not the only one!!!

Oh and because you are probably wondering here is my Exceptionalistic-to-English dictionary!

{funsational = fun stuff to try}

{holidacious = holiday bodacious fun}

{giftiness = gifts I want to give}

{fantabulous = fantastically fabulous}

{kitchenesque = stuff for the kitchen}

{quotatious = quotes that inspire me}

So this is my language, how I express what I feel in an exceptionally simplistic way by fusing words to get my point across…stay tuned for more blogtastic linguistics!

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3 comments on “What’s in a word?

  1. Sara

    I use fantabulous! and I want you to know. YOU are fantabulous!

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