Going it alone.

Are you like me? Do you try to do everything on your own without asking for help?

I’ve been really working on how to start asking for help. Letting some things go so I’m not overwhelmed. Saying no, not because I don’t want to but because it truly isn’t the right thing to do. I wouldn’t say I’m a people pleaser but I do always try to help when I can, go the extra mile and genuinely make others lives better.

At the risk of sounding selfish…what about making my life better? What about what I’ve wanted to do, what I’ve put off to help others?

I’m pondering though that maybe, just maybe I haven’t been doing all of these things to glorify Him. Maybe I’m just trained to do so. I was raised this way and I believe it’s the right way to live my life but am I taking it too literally?

Am I making good decisions on a daily basis that will benefit my family or just jumping to help another before thinking it through? I’m casting my cares on Him this week.  Taking a step back to really listen to what He has to tell me.  I need clarification on what direction my life needs to head in.  I want to follow His plan and right now I can’t see what that plan is.

I’m in a bible group right now to study Proverbs 31 and it really isn’t helping right now!!  That. Woman. Is. Amazing.  She does it all.  She is who I want to be more like but not at the risk of it being for ‘show’ or taking me out of line with what God has in store for me.

Matthew 11: 28 has really helped me realize that I have been heavily burdened these past few weeks.  I need to rely on Him and pray about this season of my life because there are decisions to be made.

I’d love to hear if you have or are going through this right now!

By the way I’m linking up with a few other awesome bloggers today for Into The Word Wednesday.

Becky *hostess* at Beauty For Ashes

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Falen *co-host* at Upward Not Inward

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Into The Word Wednesdays

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