This is what I see in my dreams. I close my eyes and this is where I am.  At the beach, sand in my toes, smell of ocean in my hair and sun on my back. It’s beautiful, it’s calming, it’s peaceful.

I open them and it’s chaos. Bills need to be paid, house needs to be cleaned, laundry to be folded and, and….  It’s never ending. All of these things would need to be done even if I were living at the beach. Why is it we see the grass as greener when the main things wouldn’t change?

I’m starting to see all the things in my life are what makes me well, me!  I wear so many hats that I started not seeing myself.   I need to see myself as vividly as I see this beach when I close my eyes to dream. Who am I? What will I become?  Only time will tell but I’m working on ME!!!

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3 comments on “See {5 Minute Friday}

  1. Elisha

    I love this! Very visual and amazing. Great Post! .

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