Nope, not green as in carbon footprint. 

I’m choosing green because it’s one of my favorite colors.  Specifically, lime green!  It seems to find me no matter where I am.  I see something with this color and I’m just drawn to it.

Here are some photos of some of lime green things in my house.  I say some because I could easily show hundreds of photos!!

 * * * * * * * * * * *

These are the coffee mugs we hang where pots and pans are supposed to go.


My amazing, wonderful personal blender!  A Christmas gift from my mom. 


A super cute tote bag I got from Enfamil when the little one was born.  Did they know green and brown are my colors?!?


The organization bins we use in the family room for toys, toys and more toys!!


Super awesome lime green candle that I can’t burn because then it will be gone!!

Linking up with Love Kate for the All About Me A-Z challenge.

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9 comments on “G = Green {All About Me}

  1. Giggles

    Hey, green’s my favorite color too!!! We’re destined to be friends. LOL!!!

  2. Becky

    I love those bins! I also think this post is so neat, I may have to steal this idea! I have been so inspired by posts today!

  3. Meg

    Are the walls in the first picture green too? :)
    Love it!
    Those bins really are smart. Love the way you use color in your home!

    1. Exceptionalistic Post author

      They are. It’s not my color green (it was here when we moved in) but it’s okay for now. I want to lighten it up & make it more limey. Thanks for stopping by. Looks like I might need to take more pictures of the house!

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