Growing Great Kids by Kate Battistelli {book review}

I must start by saying if you love your children you need this book.  I know, I know.  That is a bold statement.  I mean if you truly love and would give anything for your child to achieve his dream, you need this book as a resource. 

I received this book to review and I am so happy I did!  If not, with all the great books out there I may never have found it.  I’ll give you a second to put it on your to-buy list!

I love to read. It’s a passion of mine. There is something about holding a book, turning a page and getting lost in a story.  Since becoming a mom the reading has taken a backseat.  There just doesn’t seem to be as much time in the day to sit down with a glass of tea and good book.  I have to squeeze in a chapter here, a page there throughout an already busy day.

Kate Battistelli must have known this about me!  Her book Growing Great Kids is an easy read but stuffed to the brim and full of examples she and her husband have experienced while raising her daughter.  Each chapter walks us through several common issues when raising children.  A few of my favorite chapters include:

  • The Power of a Parent’s Words
  • When Your Ceiling Becomes Their Floor
  • Prayer, The Essential Ingredient
  • Timing Is Everything

One specific thing I really needed to hear from her is that our parenting manual is the Bible.  This is so simple yet so powerful.  How often have you wished the hospital had sent home directions on what to do with that new bundle of joy? 

I believe this book is an essential resource to be used in addition to the Bible.  I was really impressed by the additional information that was included. I had expected to read the story of her life as a parent and was pleasantly surprised that each chapter ended with ‘questions to think about’ and a prayer. 

Oh, the prayers!  I was so encouraged by them that I wrote them out on cards to use during our nightly family prayers.  Below is one of my favorites.

Lord, as You’ve helped me to see the gifts residing in my child, please show me practical ways I can make his gifting shine!  Give me the financial resources to provide the fuel for my child’s dreams. Help me to learn everything I can about the things he is passionate about and to provide the good soil his gifts need in which to grow and develop.  Above all, let me be an enthusiastic voice of encouragement to him to help him face any fears and overcome whatever obstacles may come.

I am not required to provide a stellar review but I am impressed with this book.  Some books are a nice read and that it the end of it. It either collects dust or ends up in the giveaway pile.  This is not one of those books. I have highlighted and dogeared my copy already.  As the mother of toddlers I have a feeling this book may be in shreds by the time those kids are off and married!!

You can learn more about Kate Battistelli on her website, Facebook or Twitter.  She also offers discounted autographed copies here which would make for a great gift for a new parent!  I plan to buy a few for Christmas gifts.

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One Response to “Growing Great Kids by Kate Battistelli {book review}”

  • Mariann says:

    I am definitely going to check out this book A.S.A.P I have 4 children that I am trying to turn into GREAt people! Anyone who know the secret to that has my attention!
    Lastly, you are one of my nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award! =) I think you’re AWESOME, supportive and very interactive which is why you were my first nom. ;-) Here’s the link:

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