Crowned By The King Ministry {Product Review}

I had the honor of learning about the Crowned By The King Ministry. Wow.  As soon as I saw this opportunity I knew this would be an amazing chance to help spread the word. 

Have you ever felt that you’d love to be part of an amazing but aren’t quite sure that you have the time?   I’ll start by telling you why I’m in love with this ministry.   It’s a ministry that allows us to listen and know when we are to share.  

If you have the time now to head over to the Crowned By The King ministry website and check it out, please do.  It’s worth heading over there now then coming back to read my thoughts. 

We were sent two necklaces and a ministry guide.  The entire premise of the ministry is to pray and share.  That’s it.  Pray and share.

Two words.  Simple.  Moving.  Purposeful.  Intentional.

Being a working wife and mom leaves me a little strapped for extra time.  Sometimes I forget what extra time is.  This ministry is made for women just like me.  Are you so busy that you can hardly think straight? 

Imagine this.  You are wearing a necklace.   A beautiful crown that symbolizes His love.  Another woman comments on your gorgeous necklace.  You say thank you and promptly take it off and hand it to her. 

This is called a ‘Crowned Moment.’ 

How blessed does this make you feel?  Let alone how blessed it makes her feel.  You are right there ministering to another woman about the power of God’s unconditional love. 

By simply being women of God, we have a unique opportunity to minister to other women through Crowned By The King. 


I have been wearing my necklace when I go out over the past two weeks. I have not yet felt the call to pass my necklace along.  I will know it when I do.  

When I first heard about the ministry and I knew these were coming I was try to think of who I could pass a necklace to.   Then when they arrived I realized I need to be obedient and give it when I am called to do so. 

I am confident it will be the right moment.  It will happen when it is supposed to.  Then, when it does I’ll pass the second necklace along as well.  I’ll be sure to report back and tell you all about it. 

I’m excited about it!  It will be amazing.  It will be a blessing. 

Do you know what the best part will be?  The best part will be that the glory won’t go to me or to Crowned By The King.  It will go to God.  That crowning moment will be about her experience of feeling God’s love. 

It doesn’t matter who gives it to her.  In the end she may not even remember but she will remember the feeling of being loved. 

Will that person be you? 



Crowned By The King Ministry

Crowned By The King on Facebook

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