Attention moms!

Imagine being so organized that you have a free hour each day to do what you want.

How would you spend that hour? 

Would you…

  • Take a bath with a glass of wine?
  • Read a book while the little one naps?
  • Watch your favorite episode of  Friends?
  • Actually create something you’ve pinned on Pinterest?

Have you struggled with organizing your life after kids?

I’ve had the opportunity to review Getting It Together by Kayse Pratt. 


Let me tell you.  I’ve used a few Kayse’s printables for a few months now.  I love them.  She has thought of everything we need to make us feel more put together. 

I’ve had more than one occasion when I needed a piece of information but totally forgot where I placed it.   Has that ever happened to you?

Reading through Kayse’s e-book has kicked me into high gear to use each and every one of them.  You can either print them at home or order them through your local printing shop. 

I actually printed a few of the blog post schedules and laminated them.  I then can write on them for a month and erase as each week passes. 

I actually printed the perpetual birthday calendar off twice.  I use one for kids and one for adults.  It’s just too overwhelming to put them all together.  At least for me!  I like to send cards to the little ones for their birthday so this helps me keep better track. 


Here are some details about the book:

  • The release date is today : December 31, 2012.
  • It will be FREE once you subscribe to Kayse’s newsletter.  You can do that here. 
  • The e-book includes 30 cute and functional printables! 
  • If you prefer to purchase your PDF file you can do that here
  • You can purchase a copy for your Kindle here.  Then you can visit the link (included in the book) to download your printables. 

If you are on Twitter you are welcome to join Kayse (and a few hundred of her closest friends) on Thursday, January 3rd at 7pm PST.  Use the hashtag #gettingittogether to join in and discuss New Year’s Resolutions, Home Management tips, and much more! 

Finally…enter the giveaway below! 

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