I’m not sure I need a post about this one! 

I’m in love with photography. 

It all started in high school when I took a class at the college I was attending.  I know that sounds weird but I took courses at a college for high school credit in high school.  It wasn’t digital photography but I still fell in love. 

Then once the first little one came along, I fell in love once again.  First, with my sweet bundle then once again with those memories that are captured in a photograph. 

I have a wonderfully, beautiful friend that is helping me tweak and learn some things so I can start my own studio.  I’ve been pretty much ready but need to just jump in. 

Yes, I know, just do it.  I’ve been told by many!!  It’s a bit nerve-wracking to just jump right into a new business. 

Well.  It’s happening. 

I have the name all picked out.  A few final details and it will be official.  I won’t be able to quit my day job right now while my husband finishes school but at least it will be in place.  We’ll start out slow and go from there. 

I don’t post pictures of my kids faces or pictures of my clients on the blog.  Those of course are my favorites but I’m just not willing to post them here.  Trust me when I tell you that I have the cutest kids you’ve ever seen! 

I’ll leave you with a few faves!  You can also click on the picture to read the original post. 

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2 comments on “P = Photography {All About Me}

  1. Melinda (Auntie Em)

    YAY!! I’m so excited for you! My neighbor started just like you (her daughter was a HS cheerleader so she had an automatic in with that crowd) so she started with school dances, and moved on to graduations, Proms, weddings, and on and on. I know you will have a blast and bless many with your talents.

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