Why did you fall in love with your husband?

Have I ever told how why I fell in love with mine?

I fell in love with him partly because of laughter.  That may sound strange but it is one of the main reasons.

You see, I don’t show emotions like excitement well.  I don’t know why.  It’s as if I’m so excited my heart and mind forgot to share the information with my face.

Whether it’s opening gifts on Christmas morning or having something exciting happening in my life.  I talk about it but it doesn’t show through very well.

Now let me tell you a little about him.

My husband might as well have majored in laughter in college.  He is by far the funniest man I’ve ever met.

We met in middle school.  We were inseparable from 8th grade on.  Best friends.  I mean the kind of best friend you do everything with.  We’d go to movies, theme parks, and even carpooled to school every day.

We always had a great time together.

Fast forward to our first semester in college.  He went away.  I stayed home and commuted.  We didn’t see each other as much.   I started to miss him so much, looking forward to the next time I’d see him.  I realized how much I wasn’t fulfilled in the relationship I was in.  I realized how much I loved him.


When he was gone, I didn’t laugh as much.  I didn’t have as fun a life without him as I did with him.  Of course he was still in my life but in a different way.

He always made me laugh.  When I say that he made me laugh, I mean made me belly laugh.   I’ve already told you I don’t do that very often. 

Laughter is such an important part of life, let alone marriage.  It can help keep our marriages fresh.  It’s one way we can relieve tension during the rough times.  It’s how we can keep ourselves from stressing out during busy times of our lives. 

As I’ve said before, things have been a little crazy this past year. 

These days I am sometimes so stretched that I feel like ElastiGirl from the Incredibles.  I feel like if I stretch one more inch I may burst.

What keeps me going?

These days it’s looking forward to an evening of comedy-watching with my husband.  A few times a week we have date night in our living room.  We put on our favorite television comedy, forget for a moment about the world, sit together, and just laugh.

Have you laughed with your husband recently?  Do you joke around?  Play games?  Watch funny movies? 



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10 comments on “Laughter {How to MaintainYour High-Maintenance Marriage}

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  3. Monica

    I fell in love with my man for exactly the same reason. :) God is so good to give us spouses to enjoy life with!

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  5. Jaimie

    Oh, my husband makes me laugh all the time! And I LOVE his laugh. I’ve never thought of myself as a funny person, but for some reason I have a knack for making him laugh. It’s great. :)

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  7. Fawn Weaver

    I truly feel as though laughter is one of the most beautiful gifts of life. My husband and I sit around laughing so often throughout the day that others think we’re strange. But we have so much fun, just him and me, and we have more inside jokes than you can imagine.

  8. Kristina

    Laughter is so important, my hubby has a funny giggle when he really gets laughing at something. It probably one of my favorite sounds

    1. Exceptionalistic Post author

      I feel the same way about my husband. His laugh immediately puts me in a better mood. I love hearing that you feel the same about yours.

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