Today was one of those days when the grandparents call and want to pick up the kids.

After a long, exhausting week I’m thrilled at the idea of a little down time. Don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with my kids more than anything. I also love that they are as close with my parents as I was with my grandparents.

After they’ve gone, it’s quiet. Almost too quiet. It doesn’t feel like home without them! I’m used to the sounds of them playing, arguing, laughing, and roughhousing.

I spend the time getting a few things crossed off the to-do list. Before I know it, the time has passed quicker than I even believe. I’ve accomplished a few things that needed to be completed and now I’m ready.

Ready to give my undivided attention. Ready to play, wrestle, giggle, and chase.

After a few short hours they are home again. It’s a welcome break in the day so we can regroup and be refreshed to give them 100%.

It feels like home again!


Linking up again with Lisa Jo to write unaltered and unscripted for five minutes. 

Now it’s your turn!!!

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2 comments on “Home {5 Minute Friday}

  1. Raising Faith

    You are so right that a little self time–for whatever you need it for–makes for more focused attention for your kids, too. It is such a blessing to have that time, and to know that your kids are with people who love and cherish them. <3

    1. Exceptionalistic Post author

      You hit the nail on the head. Knowing they are with them makes my heart so happy! Boy, is it important for a little me time.

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