The other night I got a phone call asking if I could come into work that night instead of the next. Oh, and a few hours earlier than usual. I didn’t exactly want to but I know that I’m called to do what I’m doing.

The baby has been teething and mom was sick. She is down for the count with the flu.

So I went in two hours earlier than I’d planned on a day I wasn’t exactly prepared. I usually try to get a nap on days when I’ll be up sporadically during the night.

This didn’t happen. I was already tired just getting ready. I was leaving pretty much right after the kids went to bed. Instead of having a leisurely bedtime routine we were a bit rushed.

As I was saying good night and tucking in sheets, my little one looked at me with the biggest and brightest eyes asking to pray. Actually he grabbed my hand and said ‘Pray now, mommy’ while flashing me that smile that makes me absolutely melt. You know the one. Your kids probably have one too. It’s the smile that makes you want to give them whatever they want in that moment.

My heart may have melted right out of my chest.

In my hubbub of running around unprepared for the night ahead, I’d bypassed one of the most important parts of our bedtime routine. I didn’t mean to do so.

I was helping someone else out in a time of need and working toward still fulfilling my obligations for my family before I left.

As I prayed in that moment with my little guy, I felt a wave of peace wash over me. I had debated whether or not I should stop my life and my plans to help out. It was as if I was being told I was making the right decision to stop my life to help out in a time of need but…

Even in our hastiness to get the kids to bed, finish a project, or other household projects, He is taking care of us. He is keeping watch over us. He provides gentle reminders that we still need him.

Tonight, it just happened to be in the form of a three year old so happy about talking to God that he reminds me of just how important it really is. He can remind us in unexpected ways and in unexpected places. I absolutely love that about Him!!

I’ve stopped striving for perfection. Just as I am here to remind and teach my kids, He is there to remind us. I think God and I have a pretty good thing going right now. I’m okay with God’s gentle reminders as long as they keep coming in the form of a sweet little baby face with a growing love of prayer!



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4 comments on “God’s gentle reminders

  1. Tauna

    This is such a lovely post. Great reminders indeed! I love it when God speaks to me through my sweet children.

  2. jennifer {studiojru}

    aww… this is so sweet and beautiful. happy to visit today from the only a breath link up! :)

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