What great blog titles for the two posts I chose to highlight this week.

Over at A Little R&R, Rosilind is talking about renovations that are being done on her house.

She also talks about how Jesus can work wonders in our lives in  her post The Road to Renovation.  I absolutely can not do it justice to do a synopsis of her post.   Trust me though, you need to get over there and read the entire thing.

She is 100% right on about a lot of it.  I needed to hear all of this at this point in time.

So thankful she linked this up last week!  You will not be sorry you checked it out.


Roxy over at Living from Glory to Glory posted about men being visual.  Do any of you believe that?

Ha!  So very true, isn’t it?  They are much more visual than we are.  She posted an absolutely beautiful photo of herself all dolled up!

She is talking about taking the time to look good for our husbands.

Think back…

How many times this week has he seen you in sweats all day?  Ummm….I plead the 5th on this one.

Hop over and check out her post ‘Men are visual.‘


Do you need a Matrimonial Monday button?  Hop over here and grab one. 

If you were featured…grab both! 

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2 comments on “Glory to Glory and R & R {Matrimonial Monday}

  1. A Little R & R

    Thank you so much for featuring me in this post. It is truly an honor!!! I pray you have a wonderful week!!!

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