Some friendships work because…

  • you are experiencing live together through work, school, or any number of other activities. 
  • although you are technically family, you also get along as friends.
  • it stood the test of time. You’ve had your ups, your downs, and now there is a lifelong friendship that will never fade.
  • you believe in the same ideologies.
  • no matter how much time passes, it’s as if no time passed at all. 
  • she’s the sister you never had {you know who you are}!
  • you are the same amount of crazy.  You are so similar it’s eery yet it’s so comfortable at the same time.  You get each other.

There are many, many other types of friendships and reasons they work. 

Think about the friendships in your life.  How are you nurturing them? <—– tweet

I had a great conversation with my ‘same amount of crazy’ friend last night because we have similar interests.  It was awesome! 

Here are some ideas for you! 

Talk on the phone, email, send a card through snail mail, get a cup of coffee together, support your friend in their endeavors, love them from afar if that’s all you can do right now.

What are you doing today to nurture a friendship?


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2 comments on “Why some friendships work {Living Proverbs 31}

  1. Mrs. Sarah Coller

    A friend and I were just talking about this the other day. “A friend loves at all times!”

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