Being a mom is hard. Really hard.

We aren’t perfect.  This week Jennifer’s post entitled When We Mess Up As Moms was right on.  She talks about how to handle those moments when we might ‘lose it’ when the stress builds up.

So the next time you find yourself in that place….remember you’re not alone.  Pray, make it right, & improve on things for next time.  Your kids will be better because of it!

She’s right. We aren’t alone.  Even when sometimes we think we are. 


The other post that stood out to me was Paula’s How to Balance Blogging and Family Time.

How to Balance Blogging and Family Time


Well, because I blog and I have a family!

She has 8 great ideas on how to work toward balancing blogging and family.  In fact, you could really use these tips and apply them to anything you are trying to keep in check!

Hint…#3 and #4 are really good!!!!  


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