One word that carries so much weight.  One word that gets thrown around but rarely truly experienced.

Loving without consequence.  Loving without restrictions.  Loving without judgement.

unconditional love

There is nothing.  And I mean NOTHING that could cause me to love my children any other way.

Unconditional.  No matter what I am their mom.  No matter what they are my kids.  We are a family.  Families are meant to love each other unconditionally.

I don’t love them based on good grades, attitude, cleanliness, athletic ability, or intelligence at this age.  I won’t love them based on affluence, preferences, career, marital status, or reputation when they are grown.

I will love them always because they are my gift.  A gift given to me to nurture, love, and lead unconditionally.

This is true.  This is love.  Unconditionally.


Five Minute Friday

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5 comments on “True {5 Minute Friday}

  1. Melinda

    Hi! Just stopping in from FMF. Yes! Mama’s love is true love, even when we mess it up! Isn’t it crazy how you don’t know until your a mama just how you fall head over heels for these little creatures?! Beautiful post. I’m gonna go kiss my kids now….

  2. Jen

    I love this thought “loving without consequence. without restrictions”. Thanks for posting today.

    Stopping by from FMF :)

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