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D = Dabbler {All About Me}

There were many, many words I thought of for the letter D.  I had an entire post almost completed but then I came across this word. Dabbler.

That is me in a nutshell.  I’ve dabbled in many things in my life.  To hear all of the jobs or hobbies I’ve had in my life you’d think I’m 95 years old!

The biggest one is photography.  I’m seriously thinking about pursuing this as a career. 

I’ve always wanted to do so. I took some classes in college and fell in love with it even more.  Then I had children and of course they are my main reason for purchasing a fancy camera.  Capturing memories of them is my absolute favorite.

Here’s a fairly complete list of paid jobs I’ve had.

  1. Waitress (numerous restaurants)
  2. Child care provider at the YMCA
  3. Birthday party planner at the YMCA
  4. Retail associate
  5. Cashier and supervisor trainer
  6. Mr. Peanut at a grand opening
  7. Provide care for an autistic child through the board of MRDD
  8. Nanny
  9. Painter
  10. House cleaner
  11. Gift wrapper
  12. Overnight care for newborns (yes so parents can sleep!)
  13. Corporate relocation manager
  14. Business manager
  15. Administrative Assistant
  16. Receptionist
  17. Bookkeeper
  18. Collections
  19. Online reputation management
  20. Teaching
  21.                                  **leaving a space for photography!


  1. Crafting (see this post)
  2. Scrapbooking
  3. Photography (here, here, here and here)
  4. Writing
  5. Blogging (you’re already here!)
  6. Exercising (Insanity)
  7. Softball
  8. Zumba
  9. Traveling
  10. Shopping
  11. Decorating
  12. Swimming
  13. Baking (White Chocolate Strawberries)
  14. Cooking ( Waldorf Salad)
  15. Reviewer (Child Training Bible)

I’m sure there are some I’m leaving out.  I can’t believe I’ve done all these things…what will the future bring if I’ve already done all of this!!

Linking up with Love Kate again this week!

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C = Christmas {All About Me}

There were quite a few words that could have been used to describe me for the letter C.  Christian, chaos, crafty, coffee, courageous and comfy were all words that came to mind. 

I chose Christmas because it’s one of my favorite times of the year. First and foremost I love celebrating the birth of Jesus and sharing that with my kids. 

~I also love Christmas music.  Anything by Johnny Mathis, Bing Crosby or Trans-Siberian Orchestra would be on my play list.  I took my mom to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert one year as her gift.  One word…amazing!!  

~Christmas movies are also a favorite.  I sit down with Nick to watch a movie and more often than not (no matter the time of year) I’m asking to watch The Santa Clause.  It’s definitely in the top three of Christmas movies.  It is wonderfully imaginative and makes me feel like a kid again.  

~I love to wrap gifts.  I officially start gift shopping in the late summer but all through the year I’m on the look out for great gifts.  I love giving gifts even more than I like getting them.  I love to find gifts for people that they’ll love.  Perhaps things they wouldn’t purchase for themselves. 

We love to spoil our parents because they have given us so much.  It’s the look on their face, the joy they show when they open something they really appreciate.  It’s those memories that we remember more than anything else.

I usually have everything wrapped before December 1st so I can put them under the tree as soon as it’s up.  Let’s face it, a decorated tree with no presents underneath is just sad!  I’ve actually been hired to wrap other people’s presents.  

There is an entire closet in our house dedicated to Christmas wrapping paper, decorations and trees.  How many trees?  We have three that we put up each year, three full size trees. 

I’ll also tell you a secret.  One of those trees isn’t even mine.  I don’t put it up, I don’t decorate it and I don’t put it away at the end of the season.  It’s a tree which is filled to the brim with only Hallmark Star Wars ornaments. 

I’m pretty notorious for wrapping all gifts in different paper.  Yes, that’s right.  I wrap each gift in different paper.  I haven’t counted but I’m sure there are over 40 rolls of wrapping paper to choose from.  It’s awesome to shop for wrapping paper right after the holidays. I add to my paper collection every year.  I love it!

~I also love to bake.  I love making cookies, pies, cakes, homemade twinkies (my grandmother’s recipe) and anything else. I’m currently pinning a lot of new recipes to try this year. 

~I love creating memories.  My mom always made sure Christmas was special.  After we got married we still spent the night at my parents house on Christmas Eve.  We’d go to sleep with a few gifts under the tree and wake up to a huge pile of gifts. It felt like it did every Christmas.  I had grown up and gotten married yet my mom still surprised us every Christmas morning.  We did this for our first ten years of marriage until last year when my parents came to our house Christmas morning.

What is your favorite tradition of the holidays?

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B = Broken {All About Me}

This one is emotional for me.  A large portion of this story has been left out. I’m not yet ready to share it.

I chose broken because I feel like my body let me down.   It didn’t work as it should have.  I was healthy and in fairly good shape each time.  I’ve never broken a bone.  I’ve never had a long-term illness.  No high cholesterol, no high blood pressure, no issue really of any kind. 

Yet each time I got pregnant there were issues.  Big issues.  Enough to knock me off my feet and make me wonder why this had to happen. 

I don’t mean to complain or compare but it can be difficult. 

I hear stories all the time about kids being hurt, killed or neglected.  Several stories of people having more and more children they don’t want or can’t afford. 

All I ever wanted to be was a mom.  I was significantly older when I finally had a sibling so I grew up caring for him.  Learning how to be a mom and care for a baby was well developed before I had my own.

I love being a mom.  I think daily about how I can encourage my little sweetlings to live their dreams.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my sweet babies.  I love them more than anything in this world.  I wouldn’t trade them for the world…

but it still hurts that we aren’t able to have any more.  I’m disappointed in my body because I feel it has let me down.  Even though my husband has said he’s happy with our life the way it is I still feel as though I’ve let him down.

I’m slowly getting over this but it still hurts.  I’m always happy to hear when a friend is newly expecting but there is still a twinge of hurt.

This story does have a happy ending.  We have two beautiful babies of our own and the possibility of surrogacy or adoption in the future.

Each day I thank God for what I have.  I’m so thankful my babies are here.  I promise to enjoy them to the fullest and love them with my whole heart.

None of this compares to those that have never had their own.  I know how blessed I am to have what I have.  I pray for those that so desperately want a child.  There is always a rougher story but this is mine.  I’m working my way through it!

Join up with us next week with Love Kate for the All About Me A-Z challenge. 

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A = Aspire {All About Me}

Deciding what to choose for my first All About Me post of the series was tougher than I imagined.  Of course I could choose awesome, ambitious, ambidextrous, aware, athletic, anonymous and a few others.  There are many words that describe me which start with the letter A.

I chose aspire because I feel lately it’s what I’m all about.  Aspire means to hope or dream, especially toward a profession or occupation.

I’ve always felt there is something else meant for me.  Writing is one, photography is another, homeschooling my kids is a third and contributing in some way to my family’s financial future.  I’d love to be a complete, 100% stay at home mom someday but for now I want to be able to contribute.

Have you ever felt there was more out there?  More options, better options, happier options?

I’ve worked steadily since I was 15 years old. Usually two jobs.  I’m good at most of what I’ve done in the past and present but I still have dreams.  I want to feel fulfilled.

I aspire to be a better wife.

I aspire to be a better mom.

I aspire to be a professional photographer some day.

I aspire to publish a book some day.

I aspire…I aspire…I aspire….   The goals keep coming!  I can’t stop them but it is time for me to implement them or stop daydreaming about it.

It’s time to put into action.

Almost all of the photographs on this blog are my own so if you’ve been around you’ve seen them.  In case you are new…here’s a new one!


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