Fall {5 Minute Friday}

That exact moment.

The one only a few short years ago.

The very first few seconds.  Soaking them in.  Living in the moment. 

Enjoying the present.  Trying to log every single detail so I can come back and remember. 

The beautiful full head of black hair that smells like beautiful.  The gorgeous big brown eyes I just want to stare into for the rest of my life.  The creamy pink skin that is so soft I’m afraid to touch it. 

This is the exact moment that I am falling in love with my sweet baby boy.   It’s real.  It’s here.  He is in my arms for the first time ever. 

Staring at him knowing that just a few short years from this moment, he will be the first to ever call me mommy.  A word I’ve longed to hear for quite some time.

Preparing to leave the hospital knowing that my life will never be the same.  It will only improve from here.  Filled with blessings, love, snuggles, and joy. 

In a split second I realize I’m willing to fall over and over again. 

And I do.  Every single day with each new adventure. 

As we finish up the first year of school, I realize I’m just as in love if not more. 



Fall : 5 Minute Friday

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Cherished {5 Minute Friday}

This is the very reason.

The reason I love it so very much.  The very reason I wish I had more time to capture them. 

All of the sweet, cherished moments.  Each one is unique.  Each one is special.  Each one can quickly take me back to the very moment. 

The moment comes rushing back.  I’m flooded with the sweet cherished memories of every single moment I’ve captured with a simple photograph. 

A photograph can capture the image of a sweet tender 2 year old hands.  The sweet, chubby cheeks I want to remember for all time.  The special birthday and Christmas memories of the year that has passed. 

As we grow a little older each year, I do my best to capture each and every one. 

A beautiful reminder of the past as we head into the future. 



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Modern Greetings Second Honeymoon Contest {4}

Didn’t win yet?  Check out contest #4 from Modern Greetings.  


This time around it’s a video contest.  Check out the details below.  If  you are like me perhaps you don’t have a wedding video.  Oh, it’s a LONG story.  We have a few snippets here and there but not much else. 

If you don’t have one you can create one explaining your most memorable moment.  Be sure to share your entry and encourage your friends and family to vote! 

No need for fancy, schmancy videos so grab your cell phone or webcam to get started. 


Head over to the Modern Greetings facebook page to enter your video. 

Perhaps one day I’ll tell you the story of my disastrous wedding video.  Happy videoing!! 

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12 Days of Christmas {Day 10: Christmas Future}


day 10

One of the traditions I’ve already started planning on for next year is a jar of activities.

I enjoy celebrating the birth of our Lord.

I love shopping, wrapping, baking, cooking, spoiling, and celebrating. 

I also love experiences.  In addition to all of this I love the experiences. 

The look on their little faces when we put up the Christmas tree.  The sparkle in their eyes when we saw the Disney Castle all lit up last year.  It’s all about the memories for me. 

Even when they were babies and most likely unable to recall the details, I will always remember. 

I plan on creating a celebration jar shortly after the new year.  I want to do it now so the experiences are fresh in my mind.  We’ll countdown starting the day after Thanksgiving with an activity per day.  Some will be done at home, some will be out on the town, and others will include family members. 

I’m excited for this.  The memories we will have.  When I’m older and they are grown we will remember the fun times we had together.

What tradition will you start next year?

Grab a button and come tell us all about it!!

12 Days of Christmas 2012


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N = Negative {All About Me}

With the fourth pregnancy we had to make a tough decision.  Neither of us could handle the thought of losing another baby.  My doctor also didn’t feel I would make it through another pregnancy. 

After many long talks, we made the decision. 

I feel sad knowing that I’ll never again see that positive pink line on a pregnancy test.  I hurt knowing I have two babies in heaven (possibly three). 

There have been a few times I’ve honestly felt as though I might be pregnant.  More than a week late with all of the symptoms I’ve had in the past has fooled me more than once over the past few years.

Sometimes I forget about that necessary surgery during the c-section this last time.  Then come the thoughts of looking into reversing it. 

Then I remember. 

I have two amazing little ones here on this earth.  I love them more than anything.  Even though I still dream of baby number three to happen, I love them too much to risk my life to make my dream come true. 


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