Those who needed healing {Into the Word Wednesday}

Remember? Can you remember where you were?  What you were doing?  How you felt knowing our nation was under attack? 

I know we all say we’ll never forget but I’ll be completely honest with you here.  I wasn’t personally affected by 9/11.  I didn’t know anyone personally that died in that tragedy.  I was still affected.  I still felt personally under attack.  My homeland.  My country.  My fellow Americans. 

As the news spread, the phones began to ring as we learned about the tragedy.  People came together on that day and in the weeks following the events of 9/11. 

I remember how many American flags we saw up for months and months. We were united.  We were no longer black, white, male, female, gay or straight.  We were Americans.  We were standing together as a nation in prayer, holding hands, and comforting each other.  We were a nation that was in need of healing. 

This verse, Luke 9:11, reminds me of that day. 

I believe in the past 11 years we have healed some.  We came together that day as a nation.

We don’t see as many American flags hanging longer than on patriotic days.  We may not think of this on a daily basis but we are healing.  We are being healed through time and through prayer. 

My heart goes out to those that were personally affected on that day 11 years ago.  A huge thank you to all of those who serve and protect this country on a daily basis.  My prayers to the families of those who perished. 


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A four letter word.

A four letter word.  A teeny tiny four letter word.  Fear.

I found this photo I took years ago just recently.  The find came at the perfect time.  So appropriate for this week.  We just completed week 4 of the Good Morning Girls bible study.

Wow…4 weeks.

These 4 weeks went by so quickly that I can hardly believe it. Week one brought a ton of emotions.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t have any time at all to even complete this now I’m looking forward to it on a daily basis. I’m finishing it before anything else, early in the morning before my kids are up.  Something I’ve wanted to do for a while. This study helped me make that happen!

This little word tries to hold me back. A small four letter word.  Fear.

It didn’t hold me back from this. I’m looking forward to even more adventures now that I’m staring fear in the face and walking the other way.

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