parenting is hard

It all began way back when I was almost ten years old. 

That is when I went from being an only child to having a sibling.  It was HUGE!  I had always had a heart for children. I loved babies and little kids.  It’s part of why I do what I do now in my life. 

I was like a second mom.  I learned all about diapering, bottles, formula, doctor appointments, and everything in between. 

It definitely prepared me for when I had my own children.  I was more prepared than a lot of my friends who had never been around a baby at all until they had their own.

It didn’t prepare me for the decisions.  The masses of decisions that go along with parenting. 

Let’s get real here.  Parenting is HARD WORK.  It’s hard.  And it is also work!  <– tweet-worthy

There are daily decisions from the minute you become pregnant.  What will you eat during your pregnancy?  Will you have a natural birth or use medication during labor?  Will you use cloth diapers or store-bought?   Will you nurse or bottle feed?  


As the kids get older, it does not get any easier.  There are a million different food choices out there.  A little less than a million schooling choices.  There is clothing, toys, video games, television, and all of the decisions on what you will or won’t allow in your household. 

We are all in this together.  We should be uniting as moms and dads across this great country.  We should be respecting each other and understanding what each of us is going through. 

Instead, it’s like a Parenting World War 3 out there at times.  Everyone on has an opinion on how we should parent.  The issue is that no matter how you deliver it, unasked-for-advice is criticism.  It is just disguised as ‘helping’ or ‘caring.’  In fact, it comes across as pushy and inconsiderate. 

I have my own thoughts about parenting and those things work for me.  They probably do not work for my sister-in-law or my best friend.  I keep my mouth shut on subjects unless I am asked specifically.  Why?  Because I remember how it felt when my first child was born.  Everyone and their dad (oh, and my father-in-law….eewwww) asked me how nursing was going, whether I was going to make my own baby food, and if I had thought about schooling choices yet. 

Why can’t we just remember back to that time when we were new to this.  Remember how we felt finally holding our beautiful, sweet, loving baby in our arms and give each other a little room to breathe? 

We do not need to jump on people about their choices. We do not need to impart our knowledge on every new mom we come into contact with.  We certainly do not need to leave blog post comments condemning another mom’s choice of ___________ (insert anything in there, really). 

Let’s all just agree that parenting is hard.  It’s a difficult job with low pay, little to no praise, and the most rewarding job we’ll ever have.  <– tweet-worthy

Let’s love on each other instead of trying to take each other down. 

Okay….GO!   Go bless another mom with some words of encouragement, a home-cooked meal, or by just letting her vent. 

Let’s make mommy-hood a better place starting today! 

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True {5 Minute Friday}


One word that carries so much weight.  One word that gets thrown around but rarely truly experienced.

Loving without consequence.  Loving without restrictions.  Loving without judgement.

unconditional love

There is nothing.  And I mean NOTHING that could cause me to love my children any other way.

Unconditional.  No matter what I am their mom.  No matter what they are my kids.  We are a family.  Families are meant to love each other unconditionally.

I don’t love them based on good grades, attitude, cleanliness, athletic ability, or intelligence at this age.  I won’t love them based on affluence, preferences, career, marital status, or reputation when they are grown.

I will love them always because they are my gift.  A gift given to me to nurture, love, and lead unconditionally.

This is true.  This is love.  Unconditionally.


Five Minute Friday

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I want to mother with…

I’m not sure if you’ve ever read a new book and fell in love with it immediately. 

Yeah.  Me too. 

I’m reading one right now. 

Here’s a teaser….

It’s coming.  Soon.

Amen to this!!!!

focused and effecctive

What kind of mom do you want to be? 

Finish this sentence. It will get you started in the right direction!

I want to mother with…

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This is perfection and I’ll tell you why.


This is only one view of the house. The island in the kitchen.

I’m confessing that it has looked this way for weeks now. Weeks.


This is perfection.  Why?

It all started with this super cute little guy.  I was listening to Pandora.  My new favorite channel.  (Thanks Laura!)

Our song came on.

I start dancing around the kitchen while cleaning.  More dancing than actual cleaning.

This cute little curly-haired kid comes up and says ‘I want you to hold me and do that.’ 

Oh my goodness.  Talk about losing it.

With tears in my eyes, I whisk him up and we dance.  We dance through three songs.  We dance with bubs too. 

Me, my kids, beautiful music, all in a messy kitchen.

This is where it’s at people!!

These are the memories that are made.  These are the memories we sometimes miss being more worried about things or appearances. 

What if I’d said no? What if I’d rushed about what I was doing and missed this?  Have I missed out on these moments in the past?  Yikes!

I will not miss any of these moments. So, my house is messy.  If you come over for a visit, you’ll probably see this.  Or something similar.  Piles of paperwork that needs to be sorted or miscellaneous toys that need to be put back. 

I’m Kelly and I have children that are at the center of my life right now.  I will not make excuses for any of this. 

My time is better spent making memories!! 

And in case it’s driving you crazy, the new favorite Pandora channel is ‘the very best of country love.’ 

What will you let sit so you can create memories?

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Allowed to Grieve

I’m sharing today over at my friend Jamie’s blog Brown Paper and Strings for her series entitled Out of the Dark, Into the Light.

It’s from my heart.  It took a while to write in between the memories and the tears. 

If you’ve experienced the death of a child…this is for you. 

Into the Light


You can still link up below for Into the Word Wednesday as well.  Grab a button here.  

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