Fall {5 Minute Friday}

That exact moment.

The one only a few short years ago.

The very first few seconds.  Soaking them in.  Living in the moment. 

Enjoying the present.  Trying to log every single detail so I can come back and remember. 

The beautiful full head of black hair that smells like beautiful.  The gorgeous big brown eyes I just want to stare into for the rest of my life.  The creamy pink skin that is so soft I’m afraid to touch it. 

This is the exact moment that I am falling in love with my sweet baby boy.   It’s real.  It’s here.  He is in my arms for the first time ever. 

Staring at him knowing that just a few short years from this moment, he will be the first to ever call me mommy.  A word I’ve longed to hear for quite some time.

Preparing to leave the hospital knowing that my life will never be the same.  It will only improve from here.  Filled with blessings, love, snuggles, and joy. 

In a split second I realize I’m willing to fall over and over again. 

And I do.  Every single day with each new adventure. 

As we finish up the first year of school, I realize I’m just as in love if not more. 



Fall : 5 Minute Friday

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