Five Minute Friday

True {5 Minute Friday}


One word that carries so much weight.  One word that gets thrown around but rarely truly experienced.

Loving without consequence.  Loving without restrictions.  Loving without judgement.

unconditional love

There is nothing.  And I mean NOTHING that could cause me to love my children any other way.

Unconditional.  No matter what I am their mom.  No matter what they are my kids.  We are a family.  Families are meant to love each other unconditionally.

I don’t love them based on good grades, attitude, cleanliness, athletic ability, or intelligence at this age.  I won’t love them based on affluence, preferences, career, marital status, or reputation when they are grown.

I will love them always because they are my gift.  A gift given to me to nurture, love, and lead unconditionally.

This is true.  This is love.  Unconditionally.


Five Minute Friday

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She {5 Minute Friday}

It actually started online in a mom community.

A short conversation about babysitting.  I was looking for one.  Her daughter that was looking to start being a mommy’s helper.

Her daughter was amazing and so was she.  The more we got to know each other in real life, the more we realized how similar our lives were.  So similar that we ended up being fast friends.

She is an amazing friend.

An amazing wife.

An amazing mother.

She is the sister I never had.

Our friendship has never wavered.  We would be there for each other no matter what.

It’s been a wild and crazy week.  One that neither of us will ever forget.

She knows I’ll always be there for her.  Always.

And she for me.


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Story {5 Minute Friday}

It’s happening all around you.

Every single day.

What happens today will help determine the future.  Your words, actions, and attitude will shape each and every page. 

It’s always there.  Growing, changing, evolving….

Your story.  The story of your lives.  The story your children will remember and share with their children. 

Will your story be…

  • short or long?
  • depressing or exciting?
  • intertwined with the love of family and friends?
  • full of extraordinary experiences?
  • filled with regret?
  • a paragraph or a novel?
  • your best work or your worst?

There are so many things that make up your story.  What will you do today to shape it, change it, or nurture it? 

The very last page of your story will be your obituary.

Based on today, what do you think it will say? 


Write for 5 minutes only.  Go ahead, start…..NOW!

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Broken {5 Minute Friday}

In the dark, hidden crevices of my mind the thought still haunts me.

I always dreamed of a large family.  A lot of kids running around the house. The constant sound of pitter-patter.  I was never the one that wanted only one or two.  

I wanted 6 originally.  My husband graciously moved his firm 2 to a definitely 3 after our first was born.  It was then a very complicated ordeal to get our second into this world.

The thought of not being able to make that third happen still hurts.  It goes without saying (even though I’m saying it here) that we are thrilled with what we have and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  


Every once in a while the new baby fever starts and my insides jump at the thought of a new baby.  The thought of getting a little closer to my dream.  Then reality sets in that it will require a little more creativity to make this happen.

A dear, special friend of mine made my day recently, my life actually!  I left the conversation with hope, love, and admiration.  It was one of those conversations that replays in your mind and I am positive I will never forget it as long as I live. 

I realized at that moment that I may be broken but I am also blessed!!! 


Five Minute Friday

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Fall {5 Minute Friday}

That exact moment.

The one only a few short years ago.

The very first few seconds.  Soaking them in.  Living in the moment. 

Enjoying the present.  Trying to log every single detail so I can come back and remember. 

The beautiful full head of black hair that smells like beautiful.  The gorgeous big brown eyes I just want to stare into for the rest of my life.  The creamy pink skin that is so soft I’m afraid to touch it. 

This is the exact moment that I am falling in love with my sweet baby boy.   It’s real.  It’s here.  He is in my arms for the first time ever. 

Staring at him knowing that just a few short years from this moment, he will be the first to ever call me mommy.  A word I’ve longed to hear for quite some time.

Preparing to leave the hospital knowing that my life will never be the same.  It will only improve from here.  Filled with blessings, love, snuggles, and joy. 

In a split second I realize I’m willing to fall over and over again. 

And I do.  Every single day with each new adventure. 

As we finish up the first year of school, I realize I’m just as in love if not more. 



Fall : 5 Minute Friday

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