Story {5 Minute Friday}

It’s happening all around you.

Every single day.

What happens today will help determine the future.  Your words, actions, and attitude will shape each and every page. 

It’s always there.  Growing, changing, evolving….

Your story.  The story of your lives.  The story your children will remember and share with their children. 

Will your story be…

  • short or long?
  • depressing or exciting?
  • intertwined with the love of family and friends?
  • full of extraordinary experiences?
  • filled with regret?
  • a paragraph or a novel?
  • your best work or your worst?

There are so many things that make up your story.  What will you do today to shape it, change it, or nurture it? 

The very last page of your story will be your obituary.

Based on today, what do you think it will say? 


Write for 5 minutes only.  Go ahead, start…..NOW!

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Story {5 Minute Friday}

What is the story behind this picture?  Is it a father and daughter?  A mother and son?  Is it a couple in love?  A couple in the midst of celebration?  In the midst of tragedy?

Every picture has a story. Some say a picture is worth a 1,000 words.  Is this one?  You bet.

Documenting our story through pictures is a wonderful way to remember exciting, monumental moments in our lives.  I’ve always wanted to be a photographer.  In my dreams I’m working professionally as a photographer.  As in any other profession there are ups and downs to any job.

The story behind this photograph is a man and woman.  A husband and wife.  In the midst of tragedy.

I had the honor of photographing a friend just after she’d delivered, at 19 weeks, her stillborn baby. The baby she’d been praying about for months already.  It was a very emotional night.  Her little tiny baby boy was perfect….10 fingers, 10 toes, perfectly formed mouth, nose, eyes, ears, just beautiful.

The glorious moments of your story are typically photographed.  Weddings, graduations, babies, first days of school among them.   These sad, tragic moments are sometimes just as important to photograph because they are part of your story.


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Five Minute Friday

What is 5 Minute Friday?

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So…what’s your story?

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