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Getting the house in order + giveaway!

Confession time.

It’s possible that you are like me and the minute (and I mean the exact minute) you had kids the house may have started getting a little unorganized. No? Okay well then maybe it’s just me ;)

Speaking from experience it’s been a little rough keeping up with all that it takes to care for a house + kids + hubs! I really needed something to help me stay organized.

I found it!  Check this out!!

Could it be that everything you need right here over at Finding Hope’s Etsy Shop?

Wow! It’s true.  Everything I needed to get myself (or my house) in order really is right there for sale in her shop. I’m working on putting together my home organizer.  I couldn’t wait until it was finished to bring you this awesome giveaway.  One of the best parts about this kit is that you can also follow along here for a tutorial on how to put your notebook together!

Just in case you haven’t heard – Kayse over at Finding Hope is currently writing a book proposal.  She’s headed to the SheSpeaks conference in just a few short weeks!

She’s currently running a special through the month of July on everything in her Etsy shop.  With the coupon code SHESPEAKS2012 you can purchase the Complete Home Management Notebook Kit for 50% off!!  This amazing deal will be great for the new budget you’ll create with your expense tracker.

Here is what is included:

Personalized Cover
Account Tracker
Address Book {Contacts}
Auto Maintenance Log
Baby Journal
Babysitter Info
Blog Planning Calendar
Book Inventory
Children’s Info Document
Cleaning Schedule (Daily and Weekly)
Daily Plan
DVD Inventory
Emergency Info
Exercise Log
Family Budget
Financial Goals Worksheet
Food Journal
Freezer Inventory
Immunization Record
Inspiration Space
Master Household Project List
Meal Planning Calendar
Online Password Tracker
Pantry Inventory
Perpetual Calendars (Birthdays and Anniversaries)
Spending Tracker

Did you spend the time counting those?  No?  I’ll tell you…there are 27 printables in this set.

Now…make sure you enter to win below so you can write $0 on your budget worksheet for this purchase!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Hello date night!

Date night?  Anyone with kids remember what that is?!?

I love my husband and I love my kids.  We do however go through times that we need to reconnect.

It seems lately that if have the opportunity to go out minus kids we can’t seem to think of a new place to go.  I blame mommy/daddy brain for the forgetfulness.  So we have a sitter.  What happens next?  Inevitably we head to the same restaurant we always go to or head to the movies.  What else is there to do in the Midwest?  There has to be more to life than the same old.

So we got smart. We began writing down new restaurants and new activities as we thought of them. Those things I read in our newspaper that I thought sounded really fun to try but I knew I’d never remember later.  The new restaurant hubby mentioned that would slip his mind when the next date night rolled around.  Thus, the date night jars were born!

I have three jars based solely on price.  In case it’s a tighter week than most we can do something on the cheap.  If we are going out for an anniversary or birthday maybe something pricier.   Massages of course could be pricey or cheap…



I’m so excited to put these into play.  Rather than going to the same boring places it will be like it was in college! We’ll be more adventurous in our activities, try new foods and therefore have more memories.

I’d love to share some pictures of your date night jars if you feel inclined to share them!  I’ll also highlight your blog if you’d like.

Question of the day – what is your favorite date?

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Taking the time.

Last night reminded me to take the time to listen.  If I had been too busy I would have missed one of the most amazing moments I’ve ever experienced.

We went to the nursing home to see my husband’s grandma for her 89th birthday.  We brought home the balloons from the party.  We were late, the kids were tired and it was way past bedtime.

Trying to get the kids out of the car and up to bed an hour past bedtime is tough. We were tired and ready to relax.  The kids wanted to let the balloons fly up in the air.  We stopped and took 10 minutes to do this. It was SO worth it!!  The Big One said to me that he was sending these balloons to heaven for great nana.  My grandmother passed 2 years ago.  I still can’t believe he remembers her!  Hearing him call up to heaven ‘Jesus can you make sure that these balloons get to great nana’ instantly made me tear up.  This morning he immediately asked if I thought she would have the balloons by now. Of course she has them and she loves them is what I told him.

If I had cut him off, not allowing him to tell me what he wanted to do I would have missed one of the sweetest moment I’ve experienced as a parent.

I found this on Spiritually Speaking.  It is perfect as a reminder to listen and take the time.

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Excitement….chaos….remorse oh my!

Hmmm…where to begin.  It all began last week, four days ago to be exact.  It was a complete spur of the moment decision. During my blog travels to find some new blogger friends I stumbled onto a blog named Finding Hope. YES, YES, YES!!  I immediately connected with the author. We seemed to have a lot in common.  Would this truly be where I found my hope?

Finding Hope

Things have been crazy here lately. Companies closing down, other companies on the downturn, my husband going back to school full time, wilder than normal kids and no time for really anything other than the day to day.  I felt as if I was drowning. It’s up to me to keep this family running during this next year and I’m feeling more than overwhelmed (can we say triple overwhelmed?!) about what I need to do. I wanted to do something I wanted to do instead off always what I must do. Not necessarily in a selfish way but I needed some quiet time alone with Him. I’ve known for a while. This is my chance to rekindle.

The most current post on this blog was about an upcoming bible study about the Proverbs 31 woman through Good Morning Girls. A woman I so desperately would love to be but is it at all possible? I decided in all of about 15 seconds that I was going to do this. I email the author of the blog to join the group.  A three month, five day a week study about this ‘perfect’ woman.  Two to three verses per day – how hard can that be? I can surely find 5-10 minutes of quiet time to myself to study and meditate on these verses so I can be an integral part of this group.

I’m all set…printed my study guide, printed the e-book, joined the Facebook discussion group.  I am ready to go.

Day one. Monday May 14th. I struggled with finding my quiet time. I really wanted to get up early so I could grab an iced coffee and enjoy this quiet time. I set my alarm and of course the children that never get up early get up 10 minutes before my alarm is due to go off. Failure. Fast forward through the day. I find my 15 minutes at the very end of the day. 11:45pm. I’m wondering what I’ve gotten myself into. Was this a mistake? Was this not the right time? Everyone else in the group seems so put together. Great…now I’m intimidated but determined.

Day two. Same story. I’m now wondering if day three will pick up. I’ll be sure to let you know!

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Overwhelmed? Disorganized?

Does your to-do list look a lot like this? Is the feeling overwhelming that crossing off one chore causes three more to find their way on the list? Do you need to get organized or reorganized?

Finally!!! I pulled out my new binder! I found these at Target about 4 months ago. I think they were 60% off at the time. They are just gorgeous. So lately I’ve been so busy I can’t seem to keep track of what I have going on or what I need to do. Today I woke up with determination to get re-organized!

Dividers that are colorful and coordinated!

It begins here. Ten sections. One for the to-do list, one for my current bible study, one for my blog info etc. etc. etc.

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