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Cookie Barn {Product Review}


All I can say is wow. 

Tammy, one of the sweetest ladies I’ve encountered since I started this blog, is the owner of Cookie Barn.   She messaged me to say that she enjoyed reading through our Matrimonial Monday link up.  She also asked if I’d like to stop by her facebook page. 

Of course I had to check out a page called Cookie Barn!!  As soon as I saw what she had going on over there I couldn’t believe it.  The most beautiful, creative cookies I’ve ever seen.  This is a talent I wish I had.  If she lived a bit closer to me, I’d be asking for a lesson or two!

I asked her if she’d be interested in a review/giveaway.  I love the opportunity to promote new or small businesses.  I asked her to send me maybe one or two cookies to try.  I’ve run a business before and I know how important it is to keep costs low. 

She’s a complete sweetheart.  Here’s what she sent me.  Six gorgeous, individually wrapped cookies.  Not only are they individually wrapped, they were also each packed in bubble wrap.  The strawberry was larger than an oreo cookie so you can imagine how big the others were! 

Opening our box of cookies was like Christmas morning.  Unwrapping each delectable cookie was so much fun!

Is your mouth already watering?  Check out these pictures…..

Not only were they beautiful, they were delicious!  My boys loved them as well.  The true test is the kiddos, right? 

A little about Tammy:

I’m a mom of 4 children and have been married for 24 years. I have always enjoyed baking and attempted to decorate cakes and cupcakes for my kids on birthdays and various occasions. I have always enjoyed looking at pictures of decorated cookies and wondered how they did that.

One day I decided to give a couple of cookies a try. Through many many cookies of trial and error, a passion developed. I started giving them away as presents to friends and family. I was then encouraged by many that I needed to pursue this and make them available in the market place. Thus, Cookie Barn was born and is in the first year of business. I feel blessed that I am able to pursue something that is fun as well as having my children participate in!

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Everyday Matters Bible for Women {book/product review}

It’s possible that I’ve not been so excited about something in a long, long time.  I labeled this book/product review because there is no way to review or critique the bible!!  Can you imagine? 

I was so thrilled to get the opportunity to review this new bible.  First of all it’s beautiful!

We all know though that we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Anything can look pretty!

This bible is beautiful outside because of the cover but inside because of His word! 

Not only does it feature over 300 articles but these articles are broken down into four different types. 

  • Everyday Matters: a two-page article which helps us understand a particular spiritual practice.
  • Everyday Profiles: challenges we face today paired with stories of women in the bible that experienced similar issues
  • Everyday Reflections: thoughts on how best to apply God’s word in our lives
  • Everyday Q & A’s: important faith questions with practical answers

One of my favorite parts are the Everyday Profiles.  It’s encouraging to know that there are examples in the word to help me overcome any challenge.  It’s not always easy to pair verses with what we’re experiencing.  It’s wonderful to have it laid out so when we are in the midst of a crisis (or believed crisis) we have somewhere to turn. 

I also found the Index of Spiritual Practices very helpful.  There are 24 spiritual practices that are featured here.  A few of these I found extremely helpful are celebration, faith, forgiveness, gratitude, and silence.  Each of these 24 also list each of the four types of articles.

With life being as hectic as it is, this bible is a wonderful resource.  I can pick it up, choose a spiritual practice I’d like to study up on, and begin.  This a huge time saver.  I want my time with Him to be savored and precious rather than complicated and rushed. 

I love that this bible is meant for women and if I had a daughter this would definitely be on her gift list!  I do hope that they come out with a version for men as well. 

Do you have a woman in your life that could benefit from this bible?  With only 94 days until Christmas, there is plenty of time to order a copy as a gift!

You can find more information at one of the sites below:

Publisher’s website:



Purchasing links: Everyday Matters Bible for Women, New Living Translation, 2nd Edition, Hardcover is AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE in bookstores and major retailers for $27.49. 

Purchase online at: Amazon,, or at your local retailers.

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My Freshwater Pearls {Product Review}

First, I want to say that I’m humbled.  I was contacted by Jennifer at My Freshwater Pearls last week.  She asked if I’d be interested in reviewing her product.  I told her sure thing!  That’s what I want this blog to be about in a small way.  Helping small businesses get their name out and bringing you some amazing products you may not have known existed!

I love these earrings.  Don’t get me wrong, I have an entire armoire of jewelry that never gets worn.  I simply forget to put jewelry on.  Plus I’m the mom of little ones so the thought of having an earring yanked out of my ear isn’t appealing.

They are beautiful! They are big enough to make a statement, yet small enough that I can leave them in.  I slept in them the first night because I forgot I was wearing them.  There goes the forgetting about the jewelry thing.  I think Jennifer just gave me a new staple for my wardrobe!

Not only is this a product review, it’s also a giveaway.  I asked her if she would also be interested in hosting a giveaway for one of my amazing readers.  She said absolutely!  Little does she know, I have the best readers in the blogging world.   I’m so excited one of you will win your own pair.

I chose purple which are stunning.  They also come in green, rose, white, and peach.  I know what you are thinking.  Why didn’t I choose green?  If they were a lime green I would have for sure.  They are a darker green so I decided to choose something different.

I went a little crazy taking pictures because I rarely get to use my macro lens! 

Jennifer is also providing discounts just in case you must have a pair but don’t win them for free.

$5 off when you spend $20.00 or more use code: freefive
$10 off when you spend $40.00 or more use code: freeten
$15 off when you spend $60.00 or mor use code: free15

Here’s what I’m thinking.  With only 95 days until Christmas, who do I need to buy for?  My Freshwater Pearls has bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and anklets in addition to the earrings.

Now it’s time to enter!

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It’s here!!!

I’m so excited about this that I had to share about it. Did you take advantage of the $40 off a $40 purchase at Paper Coterie that I shared on Facebook a few weeks ago?  I hope so!!

Here’s my new planner that cost me $7 in shipping. That’s it!  Thanks Paper Coterie!

I’m excited to see if this planner has what it takes to handle my crazy schedule. Between work, the boy’s schedules (hubby included), blog schedule and family activities, I’ve yet to find a planner that is compact enough but big enough to handle it all!!

My current planner goes through January 2013 so I’m not quite ready to use it but I’m SO excited about it!

I wasn’t asked by Paper Coterie to review this planner. I just had to tell you about it!  Here’s another view!

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Glade Expressions {Product Review}

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Bzz Agent but in case you didn’t know you can either read more about it here or sign yourself up!!  I absolutely love getting to try new products for free.  I don’t highlight all of them on my blog.  There are times it’s cool to try a new product but it might not be something I’ll use again.

In this case I will absolutely use these Glade Expressions again!  They are beautiful and smell amazing. These are the two I tried.  I will definitely purchase a refill of both!!



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