Saving money with Ebates.com : how to stretch your dollar

I shared last week about the ultra amazing gel mattress topper we ordered out of necessity until we can get a new mattress.

I told you about the 5 or 6 ways we saved and got creative to take that $530.00 price tag down to just over $100. 

Today, I’ll tell you how to utilize Ebates and how simple it is. 

1 example dollar

You head to this website www.ebates.com and sign up.  (This is my affiliate link in case you were wondering!)

You will provide information such as your name and address so they can mail your checks! 

Your home screen will look like this:

Ebates 2You can see below that I currently have 2,847 points.  I will continue to save these then slowly turn them in for $5 Amazon gift cards. That is really the best deal!

Okay.  Back to it!  Now that you are all signed up, you’ll want to head to this site before you even begin shopping online.  Every single time.  It is worth checking to see if your store is part of Ebates.  If it is you’ll want to click on it so you can save.  You can see above that if you shop at Groupon (another post for another day), you can get 6% back on your purchases when bought through Ebates. 

{I say head here before you even start shopping because I have forgotten to do it and then realized I missed our on $5 or $10 coming back because I didn’t start at Ebates.}

When you click on that, you’ll see the screen below.  This is how you know you’ve done the right thing so you definitely get your cash back. 


And there you have it.  A very simple way to earn a few extra dollars back on your online purchases.  I earned $12.06 back on my Kohls.com purchase last week.  All it took was a few extra clicks on my mouse!   $12.06 may not sound like much but it could help with shipping.  For me I count any savings as extra McDonald’s caramel frappuccinos I can purchase.  Tee hee. 

My $221.08 shown here has already grown to $233.17.  It may not seem like much but it you shop online at all it’s worth it.  Those of you that order everything online will probably rack up two to three times this amount!!

One additional note.  You may want to put a post-it note or something on your computer as a reminder.  Just until you get used to hitting up Ebates before clicking that purchase button!!!   {affiliate links used}


Times of Crisis {Living Proverbs 31}

It could be the death of a family member, a job loss, an illness, a financial mistake, loss of a pet.  Honestly, it can be anything that drastically affects you and your family. 

How do you survive?  How does your marriage come through unscathed?

Elizabeth from over at Yes, They Are All Ours wrote about this last week and it stuck with me.  I completely knew what she was saying.  It’s important.  It’s one of those things that occurs suddenly and if you aren’t prepared for it, it can devastate your marriage if you aren’t ready.

I definitely suggest you check it out.  It will get the gears turning toward what you may want to work on in your house.  Just to be prepared. 

How to Build Up Your Marriage During a Crisis




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Back-to-School essential oil info and a chance to win!!

It’s officially that time of year again. 

It started back in July with all of the back-to-school sales but now it’s here!  If you follow me on facebook you know that I’m addicted to school supplies! It’s my favorite shopping season by far. 

The awesomeness of new backpacks, pencils, folders, and binders can’t stop the lurking sickness that seems to run rampant the first month of school.  All of the kids reconvening in one building.  Those little germies just sit in the wings and wait. 

If you haven’t tried essential oils before now is the time to give them a shot.  Help protect your child from all those lurking germs ahead of time.  They build up the immune system ahead of time.  They can also be used to replace your over-the-counter meds in case one of those little germies gets through!

Check this out!  A few natural oils can replace your medicine cabinet which makes this mom want to dance a jig!


A special opportunity! 

Tonight (Wednesday) at 10pm EST there is a webinar about back-to-school essentials.

(Are you on the east coast?  Then it’s 7pm for you guys!)

My friend Kayse is also going to be hosting an online chat right after at 8pm!

To join ::

To join the webinar, just click here to view the event on facebook, and then “join” it.

THEN, make sure you register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7468075743004236544

(Registering means you’ll get emailed the link to join the live webinar tomorrow night. Make sure you register! Joining the Facebook event is not as important as registering – so don’t worry if you don’t have Facebook, just be sure to register!)

And here’s the part I’m super excited about. After the class (Around 11:00 pm est), Kayse will hosting an open chat on her Facebook page for anyone who wants to know more! She’ll be sharing a little more about her own experiences with oils, and will be open to answering any questions you guys might have! PLUS, one lucky person who attends the chat will win a free oil!

Bring your questions, thoughts, concerns, and most importantly bring YOU!


5 examples: how to stretch your dollar

I’m sure you have been there too.  Maybe not right this minute but at some point in your life.

A season of life that requires stretching your dollar to the maximum is something most of us experience. 

You may remember me talking about it before.  My husband is in school right now (almost finished though!) and we are making every penny count. 

To make a long story short we’ve been in survival mode.  We’re making any cut we can while also being smart about spending our money.  It’s been great but we’re ready for the next chapter to begin. 

5 examples dollar

So, lately we’ve both been experiencing back problems.  Our current mattress is in desperate need of being replaced.  We’re trying to wait it out.  We a;so cut out chiropractor visits last year to save money. 

We needed to do something though.  Something to ease the pain after waking up in the morning.  Insert a memory foam mattress pad. 

I just happened to look them up on Kohls.com and was not at all surprised by the cost.  It wouldn’t work. Not right now and most certainly for full price!

Seriously, $530.00 for a mattress topper?  Not even a mattress?!?

Well, I was patient. I researched.  I even prayed!

Lo and behold I was able to work it out.  We got creative.  Here’s what we did!

  • Wait for a sale!  We did and it paid off.  The original $529.99 price tag dropped to $238.50!  That’s a savings of 45%!
  • Look for an online promo code or a coupon that comes in the mail.  I had a code that was an additional 20% off.  Saved another $47.70!
  • Before you order/buy, go to Kroger and buy gift cards.  Right now they have 4x the fuel points!  My $200.00 in gift cards will earn me 800 points which is $0.80 off at Kroger fuel stations.  Keep in mind that is for up to 35 gallons.  We use all 35 gallons when we fill up both cars so that’s another $28.00 in savings!
  • If you are ordering online like I did, use Ebates.com.  (that’s my link attached, I’d love if you signed up so we can earn cash back together!)  Kohl’s had 6% back at the time I ordered.  On my final order total (which was $201.00 before tax), I’ll earn $12.06 back in a check!
  • Now, if you are a Kohl’s shopper you already know about Kohls Cash.  This sale happened to be during that time.  So, on my $200 order I earned $40 in Kohls cash which can be used in a few weeks.
  • If you are counting…this is actually number six.  {This one is a bonus}  Free shipping!  I try to never pay shipping if I can help it.  They had free shipping over $50 so I didn’t really save any but I didn’t spend any either.

So to save you the math on this one here’s how much I paid for that $530.00 mattress topper.    $110.74!

Of course, it’s creative.  I have to wait for the Ebates check (worth it), I’ll use the $40 in Kohl’s cash on something else I would have purchased anyway (socks, kids clothing, etc), but let’s get serious here…

That’s a final savings of just over 79%.  Not too shabby!   I’m no coupon queen but I can do my research and do my best to make my money work for me. 

If you aren’t on Ebates.com, I highly recommend it.  To date, my total cash back is $221.08.   <—- tweet

Maybe that $12.06 doesn’t make it seem worth it but the $221.08 over the past few years is pretty big!  I’d love if you’d use my link as well.  Let’s earn $$ back together!

I’ll be back next week showing you how to use your new Ebates account!!
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The small things {Living Proverbs 31}

There are times when I think I need the romance we see in the movies.  I’m only human.  Romance is awesome but so are the little things. 

A glance across the room.

A quick hug.

A random kiss.

Holding hands.

Date night.

An I love you text. 

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