Essential Oils

It all began with poop.

Seriously. I was at the end of my rope with constipation. Nothing hurts a mom more than seeing your baby in pain. Nothing was working. Things were helping but nothing was solving the issue.

There were actually some underlying issues we just found out about but shockingly, the oils did help! It helped enough to stop using the daily dose of Miralax that had been going on for several years. We didn’t quit cold turkey of course. We slowly weened off. We did the oils on the abdomen and lower back on a nightly basis. (DigestZen)

So, the oils. I love them. I mean seriously. I do. We use them on a daily basis. I’m still learning all about them. I had no idea there was an oil for just about everything!

My new hobby is thinking of an ailment and then looking it up in the oil-pedia {my cutesie name for it) to see if there is an oil for it. Seriously. This entertains me!

A few serious ones I wish I had known about years ago:

  • Morning sickness, preeclampsia, (after) miscarriage, stretch marks, and so on.

A few I was surprised to see:

  • Scurvy, forgetfulness, gout, Crohn’s disease, hair loss, warts, bug bites, etc.

Some of these are serious conditions. I was just surprised that an oil could help. I guess I have a lot to learn but it is truly fun trying to think of something that isn’t in the book. So far, I haven’t found anything that isn’t listed. Wow!

There is an oil for everything. What a great relief it was to know that I could easily replace over-the-counter medicines.

If you are interested in learning about how to change over your medicine cabinet and/or clean your house naturally and effectively, these essential oils are for you. I was. I was desperate to learn more about natural solutions. So, we signed up to be doTERRA consultants. There is no better way to learn than to live it.

doterra lavender essential oil

3 ways to purchase doTERRA oils:

1. Shop through my online store.
Place an order and get oils shipped straight to your home. (Shopping this way means that you will pay the full retail price.)

2. Become a Preferred Member
Becoming a Preferred Member means you pay just $10 for a lifetime membership. This membership allows you to purchase all products for 20% off of the retail price. As a bonus, you also get to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program. (I’ll tell you more about that below.) Click here to sign up as a Preferred Member.

3. Become an Independent Product Consultant (IPC)
As a doTERRA IPC (that’s what we are!), you’ll receive the BEST discounts. You get everything at 25% off of retail price, and for certain products, you get even more! I know what you’re thinking – “I’m NOT interested in selling oils!” – and I totally understand. Sales are NOT my thing, and I run from anything that smells like sales. BUT, I do like a good deal, and I knew I wanted the oils, so I signed up as an IPC to get the best prices.

As I shared our stories with friends and family, though (it’s really hard to keep quiet about it once you’ve started using them – they are amazing!), more and more people were interested, not only in purchasing oils for their own families, but in joining our team! Completely by accident, doTERRA has turned into a great source of supplemental income for us, and we’re having a blast sharing this stuff with our friends and family. (And I’m excited to begin sharing it here on the blog too!) So don’t write it off – you never know what something can become!

Becoming an IPC is kind of like purchasing a wholesale membership, so even if you’re never planning on selling anything, it’s still a great option. It costs just $35 a year for the first year, and $25 each year you renew (and they even throw in a free bottle of peppermint oil). The best way to purchase a membership though, is by buying a starter kit. Not only do you save a ton of money on oils, your membership is also included!


My 2 Favorite Starter Kits

Family Physician Kit

Family Physician Kit :: $150/110 PV

  • 5 ml bottles of lavender, lemon, peppermint, melaleuca, oregano, frankincense, Deep Blue®, Breathe, DigestZen®, and On Guard®
  • 15 mL bottle of Slim & Sassy metabolic blend
  • doTERRA IPC Introductory Packet
  • Enrollment fee ($35) included in the package



The Natural Solutions Kit :: ($550/400 PV) ***this is the one we chose because it was the best savings and fastest way to replace the stuff we wanted to stop using***

  • 5 ml essential oils: Serenity, DigestZen®, Purify, Melaleuca, Oregano, AromaTouch, Frankincense, Breath, Balance 
  • 10 ml essential oils: Past Tense, Clear Skin, Solace 
  • 15 ml essential oils: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, On Guard®, Slim & Sassy, TerraShield, Lemongrass
  • Lifelong Vitality
  • Zendocrine Capsules
  • Terrazyme
  • ClearSkin Foaming Facewash (I looooooove this stuff!)
  • OnGuard® Toothpaste
  • DeepBlue® Rub
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Lotus Diffuser
  • Wooden Box
  • 5/8 Dram sample vials (15 vials)
  • d0TERRA IPC Introductory Packet
  • IPC Enrollment fee ($35) included in the package

Click HERE to see the all other enrollment kits available!

How To Sign Up As An IPC- Step by Step

1. Click on over to the sign-up page.

2. Select “Join as a new Independent Product Consultant

3. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you. But if not, enter 531099 in both boxes.

4. Fill out your name, billing address, shipping address, and contact info. (The reason you are asked to list your social security number is for tax purposes. If you make over $600/year selling doTERRA products, you will receive a 1099 form in the mail, as is required by law. doTERRA will never share this info with anyone. Additionally, this helps doTERRA prevent fraud.)

5. Select your time zone and choose a virtual office password.

6. Agree to Terms & Conditions and the Virtual Office User Agreement. (The basic version of the virtual office is free. There is an upgrade option available, but you won’t need to worry about that for a while.)

7. Select your enrollment order. This is where you can specify which enrollment kit you would like -OR- if you’d rather not start with a kit, simply select the Inroductory Packet ($35) option.

You can also purchase other items at this time if you wish.

8. Set up your optional Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).

This is not a requirement, although I highly recommend it as a money-saving way to build your oil collection. I have been using the Loyalty Rewards Program for less than 6 months, and have already accumulated points to redeem for free products!

doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) provides free product credits for monthly purchases ordered on the program and is the most economical way to purchase doTERRA oils. As a participant in the Loyalty Rewards Program, you will immediately begin to earn product credits that can be used as cash to purchase doTERRA products. The longer you participate in the LRP, the more credits you can earn–up to 30% of your total monthly Loyalty Rewards purchases. (More info on the LRP program can be found here.)

If you decide that this is something you are interested in, select the products you would like to ship in your first LRP order. Your first LRP order will be next month’s order. (You can change the products from month-to-month through your Virtual Office.) Using the LRP program and scheduling this next order up right when you sign up will guarantee that you start earning points and receive your free oil right away! I recommend aiming for $150 worth of product (or 125 PV) for this order, so that you’re able to receive that free oil.

To complete this, you will need to select a ship date. Note: If you set your ship date for the any day on the 1st-15th, AND your order is at least 125 PV, you will get a FREE OIL each month! For us, this is easy to do based on how many oils we use, and it’s totally worth it – points AND free oils? Win!

9. That’s it- congratulations on starting your doTERRA adventure! You will receive a confirmation email– you can log into your back office right away to manage orders, check your team, and send messages. If you DO sign up, PLEASE email me right away. I’ve got tons of info and tips to share with you as you get started!

*Added Bonus* If you sign up as Preferred Member or Independent Product Consultant under me, you’ll be granted access to a private Facebook group which is exclusively for members. This is a place where we can discuss business building, oil questions, recipes, how-tos, and how to successfully use the oils in your everyday life. It is incredibly important to me that you have access to the knowledge you need to use doTERRA essential oils successfully!

doterra essential oils

Have questions before signing up? Need help navigating through the process? I’m here to help!
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