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L = Life {All About Me}

Several years ago someone close to me was involved in this accident.  This is the photo taken from the helicopter.  

My world was turned upside down that day. 

  • I’ll never forget the phone call I received that my brother had been in a serious motorcycle accident.  
  • I’ll never forget having to call my parents and my husband to tell them. 
  • I’ll never forget feeling that there might be a possibility that I might never speak to him again.
  • I’ll never forget seeing him in that hospital bed, not knowing if he’d walk again. 
  • I’ll never forget the doctor handing me his helmet with dried blood on it.

I thank God every day that he has this second chance at life. 

I thank God that he was smart enough to be wearing a helmet. 

I thank God that he wasn’t taken from us that day. 

I thank God for life.  The life that was spared that day.  The life of my only sibling. 


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K = Kelly {All About Me}

You would think this would be easy since I’m just going to be talking about myself.  Nope.  Still difficult. So here we go!

The top 10 about me.

10.  I love photography.  I love taking pictures and capturing a memory.  I am actually learning so much right now and having so much fun!  Here is one of my favorite photographs from several years ago.  The memory captured immediately takes me back to that day! 

9.  I went to college during high school and subsequently graduated from college early.  I didn’t take one single extracurricular course.  If it didn’t fit in as a requirement to graduate, I didn’t take it. 

8.  I love this All About Me challenge.  More for me than for you I think.  I’m learning a lot about myself in the process.  I’ve also learned I am dreading when the post for M comes up next week.  I started writing it back when we started with A because I knew it would be a doozy. 

7.  I love to bake and am learning to love cooking too.  I enjoy being in the kitchen creating something but haven’t had much time to do so in the past few years.  Working to correct that to bring you some amazing recipes! (See this post or this post if either of these is your passion too.)

6.  I love my family (parents & brother) more than anything.  I consider my mom to be my very best friend.  I can’t live without her for sure!   I hope one day to move to the beach with all of them.  We’ve been talking about it for years.  I’m setting up a plan to make that happen in the next 5 years!

5.  I am in love with the color lime green.  I’d use it everywhere if it wouldn’t be just a little too much.  See this post for some of my favorite green things around the house. 

4.  Baseball is my favorite sport. I played softball growing up and love going to see my hometown team.  I secretly hope both of my boys will end up playing professionally!

3.  Fall is my favorite time of year.  The smell in the air, the beautiful colors of the leaves, and the pumpkin patch fun!

2.  I love, love, love being a mom. I love my kids more than anything.  I’d do anything for them to have the best childhood they possibly can have.  I wish they never had to grow up. Since they do I hope we have the same relationship with them that we have with my parents now that we are grown. 

1.  I married my best friend.  I mean, I literally married my best friend.  We were friends since we were 12.  After high school we ended up dating and knew from the first official ‘date’ that we’d get married and have a family. 

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J = Jukebox {All About Me}

This one was tough!  Joyous, jubilee, jukebox, and journey all came to mind.  Since this is all about me I thought I’d tell you a little about me, music-style!

I love music. I mean I could listen to music 24 hours a day if I had to.  If I’m doing the dishes the radio is on.  I rarely am in the car minus kids but if I am I’m jamming to my favorites.  It’s an eclectic mix to say the least.  I also love music from my favorite movies and instrumentals.  Music brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart!! 

Metallica, Nickelback, Usher, Ne-Yo, Jeremy Camp, Mercy Me, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Alex Clare, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Korn, Carrie Underwood, Grace Potter, Days of the New, Offspring, Godsmack, Faith Hill, Black Eyed Peas

The list goes on and on and on…

Are any of my favorites also yours?  Any you recommend?

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I = Independent {All About Me}


Of course if you ask my husband I’m sure he’ll say intellectual, intriguing or irresistible! Trust me. I’m sure he would say all those things and more.

I chose independent because it’s what I’ve always been. I’m not sure when it started but for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to do my own thing. Maybe I should ask my mom…what a great question to find out the answer to.

Growing up, I rarely had to be told to do my homework. Most of the time it was already done.  I had lots of friends but enjoyed being alone with a great book just as much.   I absolutely loved being in school.  I would actually still be in school if it weren’t for those pesky bills they send you for attending!

My family life was wonderful growing up.  I wasn’t independent because I had to be.  It wasn’t from growing up too fast as it seems sometimes with kids these days.  I don’t really remember any issues I had with kids at school.  I think I was so focused on my own plan that I rarely noticed what was going on in the ‘teen’ life.

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to college my senior year of high school. It was so much fun.  I took them in lieu of classes for high school but they counted for both high school and college credit.  It’s funny because often times hubs will mention someone from high school.  He’ll ask if I remember so-and-so.  Ninety-nine percent of the time I have no clue who he is talking about.  (‘Did I even go to this school?’ —-can you name that episode of Friends?!?)

Now I’m here on this blog.  Everything I researched said to name your blog something fun and easy to remember.  Or another tip was to name it after yourself if you think you’ll ever end up needing it for promoting yourself or being published.  Still, I couldn’t do it.  I wanted to do what I wanted to do which was create a new name.  I mean, mine isn’t even easy to spell!   Oh well.  I guess if people were meant to follow this blog they’ll figure it out one way or another!

I do my own thing and pretty consistently live outside the box.

Here’s a great song that coincides nicely with this post!


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H = Homeschool {All About Me}

Okay, so I don’t want to make any true homeschoolers upset.  We’ve decided to e-school this year so we are schooling at home. I know it’s completely different!!  With our life the way it is now I don’t feel I have the time to do true lesson-planning, curriculum-searching, homeschooling justice! Definitely looking forward to that.

It’s so exciting!  We got started and the new Kindergartener didn’t want to stop.  We logged almost 5 hours of lessons.  I’m sure every day won’t be that jam packed but it was a lot of fun.  He’s not new to the computer but this is what was shipped to our house in his name.  Ummm….his school computer is better and newer than our computer!

Here’s our schooling area.  Thanks to my parents for the amazing vintage desk that used to belong to my grandparents.  A fourth generation desk!  It’s still pretty amazing.  We may do a fun project and paint it in the future but for now it’s perfect!

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