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Being thankful in the mundane.

Being thankful in the mundane has been running through my head these past six weeks.  It’s been a recurring theme during this Proverbs 31 bible study.  Remember that it is He you are serving, He you are glorifying. 

In all the wildness of being a wife and mom it’s hard to feel the joy in washing mounds of laundry, sweeping crumby floors and changing dirty diapers.  I’ve really been trying to make an effort in praising these seemingly monumental tasks set before me each day. 

‘Thank you Lord that I have a house to clean, a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in.  Thank you so much Lord that I have a washer and dryer to clean my clothing when I so choose. Thank you that I send my children to bed with full bellies even though most of it ends up on the floor!

I thank you Lord for the massive amount of toys I pick up each day because the pitter-patter of little feet is something I prayed for relentlessly for months on end.  I will remember I don’t get to pick and choose the best parts of this life I chose.  It comes as a package deal.’

Is there something in your life you are really dreading?  Something that causes a screaming, writhing, fist-pounding fit inside?

Might I suggest looking at the alternative?  It has really aided me in remembering to be thankful for what I do have rather than wallowing in pity. 

Since I am still working on my thankful list I’d love to hear your thankful in the mundane prayers!! 

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Moved to tears.

Have you ever been moved to tears unexpectedly? Have you ever felt the hand of God move in an instant so quickly it almost makes you drop to your knees? Have you ever had a song touch you in such a way that you’ve had to drop what you are doing to listen?

I love music. I believe it’s good for our soul. It can bring people together in ways that other things can’t. I’m pretty passionate about music. My oldest is already taking piano lessons.  I love all music genres. I love Christian, rock, heavy metal, hip-hop, R&B, country, classical and so on. Of course I don’t love every song I hear but I do like a wide variety.

It’s not uncommon for me to have the radio on all day long. I do other things while listening. I’m often inspired by what I hear. My boys come running when they hear one they love so we stop what we are doing and dance! My mood can be changed in an instant by hearing a favorite tune.  (Of course with the kiddos around I monitor what I’m listening to.)

Last week this song came on and it literally made me stop in my tracks. First, I was in shock that it’s such a powerful song on mainstream radio.  I had to look it up because I wanted to hear it again immediately.  Not only is she one of my favorite artists and mentions my hometown in the song – it was exactly what I needed.

The Lord was reminding me that I can’t do it all on my own. I was taking on so much that I felt I was being dragged down by it all. The things that mattered to me most were being pushed aside.  It helped me be reminded I can cast my cares on Him. 

1 Peter 5:7  Cast all your care upon him; for he careth for you.  (KJV)

By the time the song was over I was in tears.  So powerful, so true.

I chose a version without the video so you can close your eyes & listen.  Is it more than just a song to you?  Is it what you need to hear? 

Was it what you needed?  Were you moved to tears? 

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A four letter word.

A four letter word.  A teeny tiny four letter word.  Fear.

I found this photo I took years ago just recently.  The find came at the perfect time.  So appropriate for this week.  We just completed week 4 of the Good Morning Girls bible study.

Wow…4 weeks.

These 4 weeks went by so quickly that I can hardly believe it. Week one brought a ton of emotions.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t have any time at all to even complete this now I’m looking forward to it on a daily basis. I’m finishing it before anything else, early in the morning before my kids are up.  Something I’ve wanted to do for a while. This study helped me make that happen!

This little word tries to hold me back. A small four letter word.  Fear.

It didn’t hold me back from this. I’m looking forward to even more adventures now that I’m staring fear in the face and walking the other way.

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Through the eyes of a child.

Looking at life through the eyes of a child. Seems so simple, so inviting, so liberating.

I’ve been a bit stressed out lately.  Feeling overwhelmed at everything expected of me right now.  Jobs have come/gone in the past year, hubby is back in school, kids are growing like weeds, housework, housework & more housework, working out plus the bible study which I so desperately need to do for me right now and so on, and on, and on…..

It’s been a little crazy around my house. I was feeling down and out the other night questioning whether we were doing the right thing in certain areas of our lives (school, jobs, house). Mostly I was concerned how it was affecting the kids. Are they happy? Do they feel the stress we feel?  Am I being a good mom despite all that’s going on?

God answers prayers. He answers us even when we aren’t really questioning Him.  He knows our innermost fears.  I’ve had these questions floating around in my head for the past few weeks keeping me up at night. I couldn’t help but wonder how on earth I’m supposed to balance everything I have on my plate.  I was convinced I either needed a bigger plate or needed to get rid of something on it.

I found this picture drawn just before the kids went to bed the other night. It was a blessing to my eyes!  The big one is almost 6 now and is becoming an awesome artist.  He definitely gets his artistic ability from his daddy!   He drew this picture of our family.  Look at us! We are smiling, happy, filled with joy (even our cat is happy).

It really helped me slow down to try to see things the way he sees things. He sees the smiles, the good times, the fun of our life.  It gives me the energy to continue on and trust that what we are doing is right. I need to remember to ‘see’ and focus on the good rather than focus on the tough.

So here we are!  Hubby (yes he does have hair, not sure why there isn’t any in the picture), me with my one long hair : ), the little one with his curly hair and the big one with his wild straight hair.  I will treasure this photo. It’s going right in his special box.  This is how he sees our family.  He doesn’t see the stress, the panic or the fear.  He’s comfortable in his world. I am going to start viewing life as he does.  I will run with this and see my world through the eyes of a child.

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Ladder to growth.

Am I extraordinary? Am I a woman of character? Am I a priceless jewel to my husband?

Midway through the second week of the learning about the Proverbs 31 woman and this woman is so far up on a pedestal I may never reach but I’m creeping up on her.  I’m on rung two of this journey and learning that this woman is astounding!  Will I ever be so noble, so rare?   Many of us already ‘know’ about the Proverbs 31 woman. By that I mean we’ve probably heard of her but have we studied intently about her to promote change within?  To be completely transparent, I honestly have not.

I am loving every minute this study. I’m struggling less and less to find the time during my already busy day to make this happen.  I’m making the time! It’s true that when you truly have the desire you find the time.  The deeper we delve into learning about her the more I want to know, the more more questions I have.  Creating a hunger for the Word with a group of Godly women is something I have craved for a while now.

Are you craving too? Are you looking to work on yourself, change your life? Are you looking to become a better wife, daughter, sister, mom, friend?

It is not too late to get started. It’s a 3-month journey up this ladder and we’re only at rung number two.

If you are reading this and feeling a nudge or feeling a little sick to your stomach after reading this it’s not heartburn from breakfast. It’s God saying He’s ready for you!!

It’s not too late to join us!! You can do so at my friend Kayse’s blog Finding-Hope.  You will be welcomed with open arms!

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