Faves from Week 1 {Living Proverbs 31}

How much do you guys love the name change? I hope you’ll continue to link up and link up even more than you did before! 

Last week over at One Part Joy, One Part Circus, AJ shared about intimacy.  This is actually part 3 in a series called Understanding Intimacy in Marriage. 

She brought me in.  So much that I desperately wanted to read the first two parts! 

I could not help but read this section a few times before moving on.  It is filled with truth and wisdom. 

True intimacy in marriage is slow and steady.  It is what comes after you no longer feel that crazy love.  Healthy intimacy in marriage is based on commitment and mutual love, that is played out less through feelings and more through action.   It’s that moment when you look across a table at your husband and you still feel love for him, but you can’t help but notice the stain on his shirt.  It’s where you start to pursue one another NOT because you are so desperately IN LOVE, but because the other person is valuable, and genuinely important to you.



Another great, insightful post comes from Amy over at The Wall of God’s Truth. 

Her post entitled Be Steadfast Where You Are really spoke to me last week.  I am in a season of in between.  We are going from big change and headed toward a new change.  We are just in between while my husband finishes school. 

She hit the nail on the head for me with this…

Sometimes in life we might find ourselves in a season that is frustrating or challenging. It doesn’t seem that it is serving the goals we had in mind. We start to want to move on. It’s too tiring, it’s too much, we’re bored. 

Yep, I’m there.  I’m ready for this season to be complete yet it won’t be for a few more months.  I think the fact that it’s summer and that I’m feeling burnt out isn’t helping. 

Check out the ‘meat’ of her post.  I can’t do it justice trying to paraphrase it! 


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We love having a community where we can share what’s on our hearts week in and week out.

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Allowed to Grieve

I’m sharing today over at my friend Jamie’s blog Brown Paper and Strings for her series entitled Out of the Dark, Into the Light.

It’s from my heart.  It took a while to write in between the memories and the tears. 

If you’ve experienced the death of a child…this is for you. 

Into the Light


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Glory to Glory and R & R {Matrimonial Monday}


What great blog titles for the two posts I chose to highlight this week.

Over at A Little R&R, Rosilind is talking about renovations that are being done on her house.

She also talks about how Jesus can work wonders in our lives in  her post The Road to Renovation.  I absolutely can not do it justice to do a synopsis of her post.   Trust me though, you need to get over there and read the entire thing.

She is 100% right on about a lot of it.  I needed to hear all of this at this point in time.

So thankful she linked this up last week!  You will not be sorry you checked it out.


Roxy over at Living from Glory to Glory posted about men being visual.  Do any of you believe that?

Ha!  So very true, isn’t it?  They are much more visual than we are.  She posted an absolutely beautiful photo of herself all dolled up!

She is talking about taking the time to look good for our husbands.

Think back…

How many times this week has he seen you in sweats all day?  Ummm….I plead the 5th on this one.

Hop over and check out her post ‘Men are visual.‘


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The calm after the storm. {Into the Word Wednesday}


We had an amazing vacation in which we experienced tropical storm Andrea.  She came to visit periodically throughout our week.  

Seeing the wild waves and feeling the powerful winds of that storm reminded me 

Sometimes the storms of life don’t seem like they’ll ever end.  They feel powerful.  Strong.  Overwhelming.  

There is a calm after the storm and we know who causes that.  

Remembering this during the storm can be difficult.  

If you are in the middle of a storm right now, I hope this reminds you that He is always there. 


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On Feeling Unworthy and Admitting Defeat

The truth:

I feel defeated.

I’ve been here multiple times over the past few days praying for a topic for this weeks link up.  Why is there nothing this time?  What am I doing wrong this time? 

Could it be that my heart isn’t in it?  I feel the constant struggle between the woman I want to be, the writer I want to become, and the ministry I want to provide.  Yet these three need to come together and coexist.

I’ve always said I don’t want to write just to write.  I want to write because it’s something someone somewhere in this world needs to read these words.   

So today, I’m here. Open, honest, and feeling unworthy.  Feeling like I’m letting you down.  Yes, you.  The one that comes here to feel encouraged on a weekly basis from one or all of us. 

I’m not a biblical scholar.  Not by a long shot.  I do believe in the Word though.  I am not perfect nor would I ever claim to be.  Could it be that I was never meant for this type of link up?  This kind of responsibility? 

You know.  The kind that you feel obligated to be ‘on’ every week.  Feeling the need to be close to perfection?  I don’t need that kind of pressure because if I feel pressured, it won’t be His message.  It will be mine.  The message that I’m forcing to be amazing.  One that may or may not be ready to be told. 

Here’s a warning as we move forward.  There may be many posts that aren’t even in the vicinity of perfection.  There may be some weeks where a bible verse is all I can give.  One that I’m focusing on but am not able to elaborate on quite yet.   This is where I am in my walk.  I’m okay with it.  I hope you are too.

I have a need to embrace that right now.  Be who I am.  A teeny, tiny baby Christian who has stayed one for far too long.  Believing His words that I can do all things!!!

This is me.


Unworthy & Defeated


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