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Confessions of a Pinterest addict.

Hi. My name is Kelly and I’m a addicted to Pinterest.

I can not tell a lie.  There are days when I can. not. wait. until naps to sneak a peek.  All of the amazing new things that magically appear when I refresh my Pinterest profile is like a little slice of heaven!

So if you are also addicted to pinning please join me!

Since I have over 700 pins I’ll be choosing a very pinteresting craft, recipe or kid-friendly activity to highlight at least once a week.  More if possible!  Please join me if you’d also like your pins to come to life rather than just be a picture on your Pinterest board.  With that said let’s get off the computer and create something already!!

–I’ve highlighted a few things I’ve created already but here is a quick recap of two of my favorites. I made these about a month before I started this blog so there are no photos of how I create them.  I do plan to include instructions, tips and materials needed on future ‘pins’ so you can create your own as easily as possible.

Felt owls

Diaper buggy

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Creating something new!

So my oldest had questioned why the cloud dough couldn’t be any other than color than off-white. What a great question. I hadn’t thought anything about it until he mentioned it.

We gave it a try! Why not right?!? At first it didn’t go as planned. He wanted to add food coloring. So we did. It didn’t do anything to the cloud dough we already had.

So we added the food coloring to the baby oil and started over with fresh flour. That did work! We made several different colors but of course they got all mixed together which made it one dull brownish color. Overall the boys had fun doing something they thought of themselves.

I always try to encourage any hypothesis and problem solving!!

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Quickest way to relax

Have you ever colored just to color? Have you ever wished life were as simple as it seems in a movie or television show? I LOVE coloring with my kids. It’s calming, relaxing and just plain fun! Here’s a picture my boys wanted me to color because I’m a girl and Jessie is a girl. Such a cute reason. I had a lot of fun.

Take 10 minutes out for yourself today to and be sure to comment to let me know what you chose to do!

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Making time….

…for yourself.

Have you ever had a day that is ridiculously overwhelming? Coloring whether with chalk, crayons or markers really makes a difference! Recently I had to take a step back.

I needed to remember what was really important. Deadlines, laundry, yard work, organization, cleaning are not near as important as taking time for yourself. Please leave a comment telling me what you did for yourself this week!!

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