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Father’s Day Salt Dough Handprints

Looking for a quick , easy, messy craft for the boys of course I turned to Pinterest!   The original source from the picture I pinned is from The Imagination Tree. It’s a really cute, really fun craft.

This is part one of the craft.

Materials needed (per child): 

1 cup salt

1 cup plain flour

1/2 ish cup of water (play around with it, might need more or less depending on how long they play with it!)

That’s it!  All the materials needed are in our cupboards already.

Flour & salt in a bowl.

Add water & get messy!

Once playtime is finished, roll into a ball.

Flatten & press hands for imprinting. The big one had the great idea to be sure to do ‘which handed we are’ which means left for him & right for the little one.  I wouldn’t have even thought about doing it that way!

Bake at 200 degrees for 3 hours.  We ended up flipping ours after 3 hours and baking a little more.  They were a little wet still on the bottoms.

Before baking…(lefty)

After baking…(righty).  We didn’t paint ours yet. Going to save that as an activity to do with daddy.

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Wacky Wednesday

I consider myself to be a rather patient person. I can handle crying newborns, testing-the-limit toddlers, cranky people and almost any stressful situation.  It takes quite a bit to get my feathers ruffled.

In regards to cooking however there are two things that I don’t make.  Pancakes and deviled eggs.  For some reason these two items take just the right amount of patience and attention.  I tend to flip pancakes either too early (runny) or too late (burnt).   I also have not hard-boiled eggs for the same reason. I either forget how long they were in the pot or I pull them too soon!  It’s unbelievable that I can make just about anything except these two!  My husband makes the pancakes in this family and I had given up completely on making deviled eggs.

Traveling through Pinterest the other day I ran across a pin explaining how to bake eggs to hard-boil them.  I have never heard of this method!  A perfect tutorial for wacky Wednesday.  I’m sure I might be the only one that hasn’t heard of this but this is for sure the method for me.  I can make anything in an oven!!

Bake the eggs at 325 for 30 minutes. You can put the eggs in a cupcake pan. I didn’t. I put them right on the rack with a cookie sheet underneath just in case one broke.

Recipe for deviled eggs (from Deviled Eggs).

6 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and cut lengthwise

1/4 cup mayonnaise

1 tsp dijon mustard

1 tsp chives, chopped finely for filling

1 tsp chives, chopped for garnish

3 dashes of hot sauce (you choice)

1/8 tsp salt

1/4 tsp ground black pepper

Paprika for garnish or a light sprinkle of chili powder for extra kick

Peeled eggs after baking in the oven

Sliced in half (per my oldest who didn’t want to do them lengthwise!!)

Our completed deviled eggs!!!  They tasted fantabulously yummy!

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Confessions of a Pinterest addict.

Hi. My name is Kelly and I’m a addicted to Pinterest.

I can not tell a lie.  There are days when I can. not. wait. until naps to sneak a peek.  All of the amazing new things that magically appear when I refresh my Pinterest profile is like a little slice of heaven!

So if you are also addicted to pinning please join me!

Since I have over 700 pins I’ll be choosing a very pinteresting craft, recipe or kid-friendly activity to highlight at least once a week.  More if possible!  Please join me if you’d also like your pins to come to life rather than just be a picture on your Pinterest board.  With that said let’s get off the computer and create something already!!

–I’ve highlighted a few things I’ve created already but here is a quick recap of two of my favorites. I made these about a month before I started this blog so there are no photos of how I create them.  I do plan to include instructions, tips and materials needed on future ‘pins’ so you can create your own as easily as possible.

Felt owls

Diaper buggy

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Creating something new!

So my oldest had questioned why the cloud dough couldn’t be any other than color than off-white. What a great question. I hadn’t thought anything about it until he mentioned it.

We gave it a try! Why not right?!? At first it didn’t go as planned. He wanted to add food coloring. So we did. It didn’t do anything to the cloud dough we already had.

So we added the food coloring to the baby oil and started over with fresh flour. That did work! We made several different colors but of course they got all mixed together which made it one dull brownish color. Overall the boys had fun doing something they thought of themselves.

I always try to encourage any hypothesis and problem solving!!

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Day in the ‘clouds’

What a beautiful day it was today!



Posted by Picasa

We had an old kiddie table that stored blocks sitting around completely ‘outgrown’ so we emptied it and used it for cloud dough. We put the lid on the table for naps and went back to it a few hours later. It was still useable! With it being a moist mixture I wasn’t sure if it would dry out but it didn’t. Just a tip for those of you that don’t want to use 8 cups of flour each time the kids want to play in the clouds!

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