Eureka! Woo hoo! Outstanding!

This is how excited we are in our household.  Fist-bumping, shouting from the rooftops, and dancing a jig are just a few things you’d see if you peaked in our windows first thing in the morning.  Eureka!  Woo hoo!  Outstanding!

It is happening people. The stuff WORKS!

I was skeptical.  Why?  Well, we’ve been living a crazy little life with our littlest.  He’s a ball of energy to say the least.  For the past several months (could be 4, could be 8…it all runs together), he’s been getting up around 7ish in the morning.

No matter what time he went to bed. We tried later bedtime, naps, no naps, rest time, different snacks before bed, milk before bed, no milk before bed…we seriously tried it all.

I don’t know how things in your house work but we are NOT 7am people.

Now, we hated having to put the kids to bed as early as 7am but they needed their sleep.  Napping hasn’t happened much in our house in over a year.  Once in a while it will but there is an issue with it.  It creates some kind of time-warp where they nap for an hour but stay awake for 2 or 3 later in the evening.

So, we started looking.  I heard about essential oils a while back and tried them for something else (you can read more here).  I didn’t really know if rubbing an oil on your feet, temples, lower back, or earlobe would work.  Once you are exhausted I think you’ll try anything!


We welcomed with open arms the lavender/lemon combo and we’ve grown to love them.

Seriously.  A drop of lavender followed by a drop of lemon on each foot!  Follow with socks and eureka!

830am three days in a row!!  This from the child that wakes at 7am-ish no matter what time he goes to bed.

I am in heaven.

Forget Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.  I’m putting this on everything!   <—- tweet

doterra lavender essential oilSidenote :: I’m sure you know by now that I don’t have a PhD.  Therefore, I’m no doctor.  This is one of the ways we use essential oils in our house.  I vote you give it a try but definitely don’t go off any kind of medication.  Also note that drug store essential oils are different than doTerra oils.  Definitely don’t ingest any essential oil that is not a certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oil. 


Nurturing Your Marriage {Living Proverbs 31}

When is the last time you put a little extra effort into showing your spouse how much you care? 

Not a reflex text of I love you. 

Not a daily leaving-for-work hug.

Truly putting in some extra effort.  Something he/she won’t expect.  A little something that definitely takes some planning. 

I’m creating a list of ideas I plan to implement starting next week!   

Let’s share ideas on how we can surprise and show our love.  What have you done lately?

Do you have a post about it? I’d love to read it!!


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This is perfection and I’ll tell you why.


This is only one view of the house. The island in the kitchen.

I’m confessing that it has looked this way for weeks now. Weeks.


This is perfection.  Why?

It all started with this super cute little guy.  I was listening to Pandora.  My new favorite channel.  (Thanks Laura!)

Our song came on.

I start dancing around the kitchen while cleaning.  More dancing than actual cleaning.

This cute little curly-haired kid comes up and says ‘I want you to hold me and do that.’ 

Oh my goodness.  Talk about losing it.

With tears in my eyes, I whisk him up and we dance.  We dance through three songs.  We dance with bubs too. 

Me, my kids, beautiful music, all in a messy kitchen.

This is where it’s at people!!

These are the memories that are made.  These are the memories we sometimes miss being more worried about things or appearances. 

What if I’d said no? What if I’d rushed about what I was doing and missed this?  Have I missed out on these moments in the past?  Yikes!

I will not miss any of these moments. So, my house is messy.  If you come over for a visit, you’ll probably see this.  Or something similar.  Piles of paperwork that needs to be sorted or miscellaneous toys that need to be put back. 

I’m Kelly and I have children that are at the center of my life right now.  I will not make excuses for any of this. 

My time is better spent making memories!! 

And in case it’s driving you crazy, the new favorite Pandora channel is ‘the very best of country love.’ 

What will you let sit so you can create memories?


Do You See Me & Amazing Sex {Living Proverbs 31}

I love when I’m inspired by a post and then someone else also gets inspired.

This is why we do these features!!

Last week Melinda from Auntie Em’s Guide to Life read one of the features I talked about.  She then expanded on it.  I loved it.

She is right in her piece entitled ‘Do You See Me.‘  It’s hard to work, work, work, and feel like no one notices. <—-tweet

I’ve been there. In fact, I’m still there.  The bottom line is that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to take care of our family.

Melinda’s amazing verses of encouragement remind us that He sees us always.  Having someone here on earth see us isn’t nearly as comforting as knowing that He sees us always.

  • Isaiah 43:1 … I have called you by name. You are mine.
  • John 10:14 … I am the good shepherd. I know my own.
  • Psalm 139: 1-5 … Lord, you have examined me and know me. you know everything I do; from far away you understand all my thoughts. You see me, whether I am working or resting; you know all my actions… You are all around me on every side; you protect me with your power… (there’s lots more that is really good; read this whole chapter!)
  • Psalm 91:14 … He knows my name.


Back in February, I did a series with a group of amazing ladies.  It was a marriage series and it was so much fun.

We talked about quite a few things but one of the hottest topics was sex. 

I’m highlighting Erin from Mystery 32 for exactly this reason.  I don’t see a lot of positive talk about this across the blog world.  She talks about working together to get it right. 

Her piece ‘Amazing Sex, It Takes Work‘ is spot on in my opinion. 

We seem to live in a world that is all about the now.  Doing it now but doing it safely seems to be a mantra in a lot of minds.  On the other hand there is a lot of hype that waiting will make it perfect.  I like her words here:

My overall point is this: We should encourage those that are not married to stay pure for the wedding night, but that doesn’t mean we pretend it will automatically be amazing right away. We should encourage virginity because of the blessing that it is and what it means for a future marriage. For those that are married, let’s encourage them to press on through the hard times, including the hard times with sex. If you are in a marriage where the sex is not what you expected it to be, hold on. You have the rest of your lives to practice and you can learn to love each other in a way that is amazing for both of you.

Thanks for reminding us that in regards to sex, practice makes perfect!!  <—-tweet

Here are their links to the other pieces from February in case you’d like to check them out as well.  Kayse @,  Monica @ Elevate Ideas,  Emily @ Primitive Roads,  & Jamie @ Brown Paper and Strings.


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Marriage shouldn’t be put on the back burner.

Two weeks ago, Kendra announced a pending name change and asked for votes on the new name. Well, you guys have spoken and we listened!  The ‘Matrimonial Monday’ link-up will now be ‘Living Proverbs 31.’  The linkup will still be hosted on Monday each week.  It will also still be hosted by A Proverbs 31 Wife and Exceptionalistic so we will still take turns writing a post or choosing features.  We are always looking for posts that pertain to marriage and being a Godly (Proverbs 31) wife.

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It’s been one of those weeks this week.  Busy, busy, and then…oh yeah…busy! 

I didn’t get the chance to sit down and really write about marriage this week.  Then I got to thinking about how this is a topic all by itself. 

Making time where there isn’t any. 

Sometimes not all of the items scrawled down on the to-do list can get done.  Whether it’s a lengthy list or a short one, there isn’t always time. 

This blog at times has to take a back burner to other activities in my life.  If only there were another 12 or so hours in a day we’d all get more done, am I right? 


Marriage shouldn’t be put on the back burner.  Or any relationship for that matter, whether it be with our parents, kids, or even friends. 

As we all know, a pot on the stove left unattended will overheat and burn.   

Just like the pot, our relationships require time, attention, and patience.  It’s required.  Without it, we are spinning our wheels trying to make it work. 

In an effort to encourage you to do the same I’m going to keep this short and sweet. 

Is your marriage on the back burner or is it right up front getting the time, attention, and patience it needs?


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