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Defeated fear {Into the Word Wednesday}

Sara over at The Hickman Five invited me to a talk on fear.   She knows my heart and how much I’m working on growing closer to Him.  What a great friend!

I’ll start by saying that I wasn’t originally going to go. I didn’t really feel compelled to go. I’ve been following my spirit a lot more lately.  If I feel it then I do it.  I’m listening to Him as much as I can. In this instance I read the email from Sara but it didn’t hit me in my spirit.  I kept her email and said I’d let her know.  One thing I know is just because I decided I wasn’t going didn’t mean that was the final say.

It was three days before the seminar.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Some things occurred in my life which made me feel down.  I was bummed that all the hard work I’d been doing, putting my heart into was coming to an end.  I feel relationships have been strained and my stress level is through the roof.  Clearing out my email I came across the email from Sara.  I went to click delete.  I couldn’t do it.

I continued on deleting old emails and filing some for later.  Again, there was the email with the subject ‘Hi – July 14th – Fear’ staring back at me.  I couldn’t click to open it yet I couldn’t delete it either.  I took it as a sign that I was meant to be there.

Bryn from Restoring Lives International shared her story. It was inspiring, emotional and real.  I’ll not share her story but I’ll share mine.

A few things she shared were astounding.  So near to me I almost felt ill.  Things I didn’t even really realize were holding me in fear I started to recognize in what she was sharing.  She asked if we were stuck in a cycle.  A cycle of fear.

The answer was yes.  A hamster wheel of fear. I was on and I couldn’t get off.  Fear of the past, fear of the future.  Fear of letting other people down.  Fear of not being a good enough wife, mom or friend.  Fear, fear, fear.  It was as if I finally realized what was holding me back in that very instant.  Something I’d been burying deep inside me from when I was five.  The root of my fear was there.

She said one thing that hit me like a ton of bricks.

~Jesus defeated fear on the cross

It’s so true!  He did.  We aren’t meant to live in fear.  We are to cast all the fear away.  When we allow fear to stay in our lives we aren’t trusting Him fully.  It’s time to shut the door on fear.

I stayed to pray with one of her prayer warriors afterward.  It was amazing. She really got to the root of where my fear was coming from.  I let it go that day. It felt like a gust of wind came and took it away.  There was no wind but the feeling was swift and calm yet powerful.

Is there fear in your life? Embarrassment? Control? Anxiety? Nervousness?

All of these fancy words for fear can hold us back from accomplishing our dreams and living our best life.

Remember Jesus defeated fear on the cross. It has no place in our lives.

I’ll leave you with some verses she shared with us.

Ephesians 2:14

Isaiah 26:3

2 Timothy 1:7

Job 4:12-16

Hebrews 11:1

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Building relationships, Words with Friends and two doors.

Have you ever been in a situation that you wish wasn’t happening?

Been caught in fear of the unknown?

Welcome to the past week of my life!  I’ve been scared of the future and beyond nervous about how things will turn out.

The reason?  These two little guys below…they are my number one priority.

I’m seeing a glimmer of hope this evening.  You probably won’t believe it if I tell you but here we go.

I basically found out that my job is no longer.  I work from home so I can be home with my little ones.   They’ve never been in daycare.  Never been cared for by anyone other than family, us or our sweet little high school babysitter (who we dearly adore).  Hubby is in school full time right now and has been since his company closed down months ago.

Stress right?!?  Where does the money come from? Is staying in school an option right now?  Will we be able to stay in our house?  Questions galore pop in my head.  I start thinking of what we can sell (house included if it came down to it), how to make extra money, job-searching all over God’s green earth.

Glimmer of hope number one:  I have great relationships with everyone at my current job.  I casually mentioned the dreadful news to a long-time customer I know is a Christian in hopes that he’d just pray for me.  He told me he’s currently brainstorming with his new company and wants my personal information along with my skills.  He’s told me how much he appreciates me and that me being employed in a capacity to help him is in his best interest.

Glimmer of hope number two:  Playing Words with Friends.  I wasn’t even going to play tonight (even though it’s my favorite game) because I was feeling down.  I went ahead and a past co-worker I play with messaged me that her son wants to talk with me about helping with his business…am I interested.  Ummm…yes please!

All of this within 3 hours.  One door closes, two more open in the most unexpected of places.

Wow…feeling bad about being down earlier.  I should have known He’d take care of me.  I know better than to think it’s all up to me.

Psalm 55: 22  Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken. 

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A four letter word.

A four letter word.  A teeny tiny four letter word.  Fear.

I found this photo I took years ago just recently.  The find came at the perfect time.  So appropriate for this week.  We just completed week 4 of the Good Morning Girls bible study.

Wow…4 weeks.

These 4 weeks went by so quickly that I can hardly believe it. Week one brought a ton of emotions.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t have any time at all to even complete this now I’m looking forward to it on a daily basis. I’m finishing it before anything else, early in the morning before my kids are up.  Something I’ve wanted to do for a while. This study helped me make that happen!

This little word tries to hold me back. A small four letter word.  Fear.

It didn’t hold me back from this. I’m looking forward to even more adventures now that I’m staring fear in the face and walking the other way.

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If you enjoyed this post, say thanks by sharing it!
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