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It’s ok Thursday #3

It’s amazing how many times a week I think ‘it’s ok’ and then try to remember for this particular post! 

It’s ok…

…to refuse to accept ordinary.

…to decline someone’s unasked-for advice.

…to be who I am without trying to please everyone else.

…to do what is best for my family because it’s MY family!!

…to love my kids more than anything & spoil them once in a while.

…to encourage my husband to finish school despite the loss of my job.

…to know that we will make it work as we have in other situations.

…to love that these look like a Christmas tree & it wasn’t planned!!!

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It’s Ok Thursday #2

 This was pretty fun last week.  Quick & fun, easy read, not too serious goofiness!! 

It’s Ok….

…to forgive but not forget. 

…to surprise the kids with a treat 45 minutes before dinner once in a while.

…that I emptied out a cabinet to clean it out but feel too lazy to put it back.

…that I took a 30 minute nap today.

…to secretly hope the little ones don’t choose a sport to play that I don’t like, unless they have a God-given talent for it!

…require the big one to read at least 5 books while I was napping for those 30 minutes. 

…to dread that Kindergarten starts in a few weeks because I can’t homeschool this year since hubby is in school full time.

…to look forward to making the homeschool dream happen for next year!!!



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It’s Ok Thursday #1

I’m joining up for ‘It’s Ok Thursday’ with Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Makeup.

Why?  Well I thought about it last week but just didn’t get to it.  I also thought about it the week before that but totally forgot it was Thursday until it was Friday.

So I’m jumping in today.  I’ve seen it all over Twitter for the past month so I MUST follow the masses and join in right?!?

It’s Ok…

…to link-up for It’s Ok Thursday simply because everyone on Twitter said to do it.

…to accept compliments from others even when I really feel like I look awful.

…to invite people over while my house isn’t spotless, after all I do have children.

…to be excited about the future even though I’m also scared of it.

…to eat Pringles with lunch because I’m in week 5 of the Insanity workouts.

…to let the non-napper play video games for 30 minutes while the napper is sleeping and relish in the quiet.

…to link-up every single post since it’s my blog, my rules.

…to refuse to watch anything Twilight, Jersey Shore or Housewife related.

…to work out at about 90% tonight because I plan to seduce hubs when we head to bed and I consider that a bonus workout.

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If you enjoyed this post, say thanks by sharing it!
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