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A couple of posts stood out to me from last week.

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Okay.  I’m being 100% honest with you.  This one brought me to tears and it’s the only feature I’ll be sharing this week.  Mostly because I can’t seem to move past it to talk about something else right now. 

I love, love, love hearing about a parent that works hard to show her children how much she loves them. 

You need to read this.  I can’t even summarize her words here.  There is no need. 

Without further commentary, here is Debbie from Living in the Light and her post ‘create “I love you” moments with your kids.’

parenting, kids, I love you


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Why some friendships work {Living Proverbs 31}

Some friendships work because…

  • you are experiencing live together through work, school, or any number of other activities. 
  • although you are technically family, you also get along as friends.
  • it stood the test of time. You’ve had your ups, your downs, and now there is a lifelong friendship that will never fade.
  • you believe in the same ideologies.
  • no matter how much time passes, it’s as if no time passed at all. 
  • she’s the sister you never had {you know who you are}!
  • you are the same amount of crazy.  You are so similar it’s eery yet it’s so comfortable at the same time.  You get each other.

There are many, many other types of friendships and reasons they work. 

Think about the friendships in your life.  How are you nurturing them? <—– tweet

I had a great conversation with my ‘same amount of crazy’ friend last night because we have similar interests.  It was awesome! 

Here are some ideas for you! 

Talk on the phone, email, send a card through snail mail, get a cup of coffee together, support your friend in their endeavors, love them from afar if that’s all you can do right now.

What are you doing today to nurture a friendship?


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What you missed {Living Proverbs 31}

I’m doing something a little different this week. 

From last week’s link up we had a total of 9 posts that weren’t read.  Most of these were toward the bottom and I totally get it!  We had 64 amazing posts linked up.  I don’t know about you but reading through 64 posts can be very time consuming.  Even for me and I read faster than the average person! 

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Both of the posts I’m highlighting are about S.E.X.   Can you guess why?  I feel it’s a topic that isn’t talked about enough!  Also, I don’t want you to miss anything important. 

Over at Intentionally Yours, she shares about some taboo topics that people shy away from when talking about sex. 

If you are looking for a deeper explanation about certain topics this is where you will get it. 

Taboo Topics


Another great one came from Marriage Life Ministries last week. 

The post Quality vs. Quantity will walk you through some questions about which you prefer in your marriage. 

Do you think you’d prefer just so-so or great but less often? 

This post could be a great conversation starter for you and your spouse. 

Courtesy of


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Love Story {Living Proverbs 31}

Have you ever taken a good hard look at what makes your marriage work?  It’s different for everyone.  What works for one couple may not work for another. 

Have you heard the phrase ‘a match made in heaven?’  Well, I believe that was us.  The truth is that God was molding our marriage long before we even knew we’d be together.

My husband and I have known each other now for more than half the total time we’ve been on earth.  We met in middle school.  I was outgoing and not afraid to speak my mind.  He was reserved and shy.

Clearly we were meant to be, right?

We were best friends through middle school and high school.  Well, minus the few years I dated someone he couldn’t stand.  We lost a little touch during that time. I’m sure it was more me than him.  I was wrapped up in my first actual long-term relationship.   He couldn’t support it because he knew.

After that relationship fizzled, we were close again.  Another long-term relationship came by and lasted longer than it should have.  This guy was roughly 4 years older but I’d venture to say at least 6 years behind me maturity-wise.

Nick and I remained best friends though.  We were inseparable.  We spent long days at theme parks, dinners, pool halls, and movies.  We had a truly amazing summer before college.  Then, he moved away.  Yep.  That did it.  He was no longer my trusty neighbor that I could call on a whim to hang with.

The amazing part?

All of this was being orchestrated long before we realized it.  Our hearts were being cultivated. We were able to see just how well we go together.  We were able to see what we were missing when he moved away.  We belonged together.  We fit like pieces of a puzzle. 


You see.  He is everything I’m not.  And I mean everything.  He’s calm when I’m flustered.  He’s messy while I’m organized.  He’s able to relax while I rarely do.  He’s easy-going and I’m more high-strung.  He was able to wait me out through two boyfriends.  I couldn’t even see him in that way at the time.

We’re so much different now than we were all those years ago.  We’ve grown up but we’ve grown together.  We’ve learned from each other.

He completes me.  I complete him.

Boy, did God know what He was doing way back when we were only 12.  The best parts of this story I’ve saved for another time.  For now, you can see just the bare bones of our story.

What is your story?  Why does your marriage work?  Spend some time thinking about it.  I’d love to hear your love story!!!


In fact, I’d love to showcase your love story.  Who needs romance novels?  We each have an amazing love story.  Let’s share them! 

If there is enough response, I’d love to put them in another series.  Why?  Because I feel we all have a love story we’d love to share. Who doesn’t love telling theirs?!? 


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Do You See Me & Amazing Sex {Living Proverbs 31}

I love when I’m inspired by a post and then someone else also gets inspired.

This is why we do these features!!

Last week Melinda from Auntie Em’s Guide to Life read one of the features I talked about.  She then expanded on it.  I loved it.

She is right in her piece entitled ‘Do You See Me.‘  It’s hard to work, work, work, and feel like no one notices. <—-tweet

I’ve been there. In fact, I’m still there.  The bottom line is that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to take care of our family.

Melinda’s amazing verses of encouragement remind us that He sees us always.  Having someone here on earth see us isn’t nearly as comforting as knowing that He sees us always.

  • Isaiah 43:1 … I have called you by name. You are mine.
  • John 10:14 … I am the good shepherd. I know my own.
  • Psalm 139: 1-5 … Lord, you have examined me and know me. you know everything I do; from far away you understand all my thoughts. You see me, whether I am working or resting; you know all my actions… You are all around me on every side; you protect me with your power… (there’s lots more that is really good; read this whole chapter!)
  • Psalm 91:14 … He knows my name.


Back in February, I did a series with a group of amazing ladies.  It was a marriage series and it was so much fun.

We talked about quite a few things but one of the hottest topics was sex. 

I’m highlighting Erin from Mystery 32 for exactly this reason.  I don’t see a lot of positive talk about this across the blog world.  She talks about working together to get it right. 

Her piece ‘Amazing Sex, It Takes Work‘ is spot on in my opinion. 

We seem to live in a world that is all about the now.  Doing it now but doing it safely seems to be a mantra in a lot of minds.  On the other hand there is a lot of hype that waiting will make it perfect.  I like her words here:

My overall point is this: We should encourage those that are not married to stay pure for the wedding night, but that doesn’t mean we pretend it will automatically be amazing right away. We should encourage virginity because of the blessing that it is and what it means for a future marriage. For those that are married, let’s encourage them to press on through the hard times, including the hard times with sex. If you are in a marriage where the sex is not what you expected it to be, hold on. You have the rest of your lives to practice and you can learn to love each other in a way that is amazing for both of you.

Thanks for reminding us that in regards to sex, practice makes perfect!!  <—-tweet

Here are their links to the other pieces from February in case you’d like to check them out as well.  Kayse @,  Monica @ Elevate Ideas,  Emily @ Primitive Roads,  & Jamie @ Brown Paper and Strings.


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