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Path: A Letter.

To my boys,

It is my ultimate dream in life to watch you grow into loving, spirit-filled, Godly men.  I pray that you choose the best path for you.  I want you to be happy in the life you lead.  I pray your father and I are living a peaceful, meaningful, God-filled example of a life to inspire you.

Years from now I want you to follow your dreams.  While I’ll always look out for what’s best for you, I’ll always feed the dreams that lie in your heart.  You can do anything.  You can be anything!  You are brilliant, charming, loving, special and amazingly unique.  You inspire me every single day to want to be a better mom.

Thank you for being part of my path.  It was a dimly-lit, dirt-filled path until you entered our lives.  Your father and I are so proud of you both and always will be.  We love you and are thrilled to guide you down your path until you find your own.  It’s exciting to know that you will find your own but it will never be too far from ours!  I love you.

Always & forever,


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Change of scenery.

Change of scenery or change of attitude?

In a very last minute decision we headed with some family to the beach last week. It had been planned for months but with all the recent changes in our lives we weren’t sure it was the right thing to do.  Was now a good time to be away?  Could we really justify the spending?

Turns out it was a welcome change to our normal routine. The stress of the many changes going on in our lives was bringing us all down. We needed a refresher. We needed a change of scenery.  We needed to be a family without the distractions of every day life.

I learned so much last week.  We woke in the morning with happiness, after all we were at the beach!  We spent long days exploring, feeding the birds, playing in the sand and just having fun. We climbed into bed at night exhausted but still took a little extra time to wind down. We were carefree, relaxed and patient.  Why is it we had to be 12 hours from home to experience this? 

The bottom line was we had allowed our stress spill over onto the boys.  They were reacting to us, they could sense our stress.  Being away from home changed our attitudes thus changing theirs. There was still some bickering but much much less than in the weeks prior.  They had their parents back!

It’s easy to look elsewhere for a reason for the chaos (job stress, financial woes, grumpy kiddos).  All we needed to do was look within to realize it was us.  We put the stress of home on hold to clear our minds. We enjoyed our children again. We let them be kids rather than expecting too much of them. 

Could you use a change of scenery?  Rather than making changes to the scenery perhaps a slight change in attitude will change the scenery around you!  Of course getting away from the hustle and bustle is always refreshing but we can make each day refreshing depending on how we approach it. Remember: 1 Peter 5:7  Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.


A pic of the boys carefree, loving each other and enjoying vacation.

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Reluctant hide and seek.

Have you ever been forced to play a game of hide and seek you didn’t really want to play?  I spent almost 36 hours searching, searching, searching for my cell phone.  Yes I retraced my steps, yes I recalled exactly the last time I used it, yes I called it thinking it would ring so I could find it.  Nothing.

I searched and searched and searched again.  I went through all of the dirty laundry, all of the clean laundry, the boys rooms (under beds, dressers), our room, the basement, the trash twice.  Of course it was trash night so after searching for 24 hours I was convinced it somehow ended up in the trash which had already been picked up.  It was a total loss.

I had asked Big One and Little One (what we call our kids). I get a ‘haven’t seen it’ from the big one but I get a ‘black phone, yes’ from the little one. Could it be? Will his little 2-year old brain remember where he had stashed it?  I asked where it was!  He walked me all around the house showing me everything but the phone.  After talking with hubs we determined that he had taken the trash out to the street before I had last used my phone so it was definitely somewhere in the house.

It was hiding and I was seeking. It’s a small, black non-smart flip phone (are we the only ones with those?!?) therefore fairly easy to misplace or lose. Even in plain sight it can be hard to see if placed on a black surface.  Exhausted, frustrated, irritated and ready to head to the store to buy a new phone I finally found it.

Here it was…can you see it?


Of course not. I didn’t either even after looking in there twice before.  The inside lining of our footstools is black as is my phone.  It was hidden in the bottom right corner completely unnoticeable.  Finally! I took everything out and found it. Back cover off and battery removed which explains the reason it didn’t ring when I tried calling it.  The Little One had definitely stashed it. When he did the back cover came of (it’s always been a bit loose) and the battery had come out therefore no ringing to help me out a little.

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